DeepaMehta3 Audi-Oh-Canvas Application Model Plugin. It enables you to distinct between file resources of various origins and allows you to attach various meta-information to each resource.
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DeepaMehta3 Audi-0h-Canvas Model

This plugin simply adds some necessary datafields to the resource resource of a deepamehta3 installation and therewith enables this, to distinct in mashups betweeen various origins of sound resources. Additionally it serves some fields for attaching meta-information, e.g. username of publisher.

DeepaMehta3 FX Canvas

The DeepaMehta3 FX Canvas is a tiny multi purpose monolith scripted in javafx and therewith comes with the power of its underlying scene graph plus a powerful .animation and .shape package for handcrafted multi-media UIs. The deepamehta3-fxcanvas makes use of this plugin as its application model.

Technologically it is made of JavaFX Script and Java. It uses the gstreamer-java bridge with jna and therewith utilizes the oss gstreamer libraries for multimedia processing.

DeepaMehta 3

DeepaMehta 3 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.

Technologically DeepaMehta is made of Java, Neo4j, Apache Lucene, Apache Felix, Jersey, Javascript/AJAX, jQuery, jQuery-UI, and HTML5 Canvas.

DeepaMehta 3 is a complete rewrite of DeepaMehta 2.

DeepaMehta 3 is highly modularized software. The main module and installation instructions:

Malte Reißig Nov 03, 2010