DeepaMehta 4 Images - Upload, resize and include image files with the Webclient.
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DeepaMehta 4 Images

Enables the browsing and upload of images while editing HTML content in CKEditor.

Note: An editor can just include graphics which reside in the designated "images" folder of the respective file-repository.

Since version 0.9.8 this plugin adds a "Resize" command to all Files of Media Type JPEG or PNG allowing users to easily create new, derived and resized versions of their graphic file without much hustle.



This plugin activates the Upload tab and the Browse Server button of CKEditor.

Note: As of DeepaMehta 4.7 there may be many file-repositories, one for each workspace. If configured like that, the dm4-images plugin always works with the workspace currently selected in the Workspace menu (in the dm4-webclient).

upload tab

Note: Every (via ck-editor) uploaded file is stored in the images directory.

file topics map

This directory is also the base of the image browser that pops up after a click on Browse Server

browse server

Release Notes

0.9.10 -- Jul 03, 2016

  • Maintenance release fixing filepath URI encoding

0.9.8 -- Jun 22, 2016

  • Includes Resize command for file topics with Media Type image/png or image/jpeg
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8.1

License Notes

Since 0.9.8 (14 June 2016) this bundle integrates the imgscalr library which was licensed under the Apache 2 License.


Danny Graf and Malte Reißig 2012-2016