Support for Topicmaps SVG export, Save & Restore Topicmaps and for Import of Firefox, Chrome and Zotero bookmarks.
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DeepaMehta 4 Import Export

A DeepaMehta plugin to save Topicmaps as SVG Documents.


A DeepaMehta 4.7 installation


  1. Download the DM4 Import/Export plugin:

  2. Move the DM4 Import/Export plugin to the deepamehta-4.7/bundle folder.

  3. Restart DeepaMehta.


In the Topicmap dropdown menu:

Select "Export Topicmap to SVG" if you want to save the current Topicmap as an image in SVG format


Version History

0.5, 22 Jun 2016

  • Added support for importing bookmarks based on Firefox Bookmark Backup documents (.json).
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8

0.3.1, 11. December 2015

  • Re-introduced proprietary import and export of Topicmaps (JSON based)
  • After exporting a Topicmap to SVG the exported document is rendered immediately

0.3, 21. November 2015

  • More robust SVG Topicmap export (fallback for icons unavailable)
  • Limitted functionality from within the Topicmap menu (SVG Export only)
  • Compatible with DM 4.7 (and the new file repository mechanism)

0.2, 21. July 2014

  • Was never really released

0.1 -- May 26, 2014


Carolina Garcia, 2014 Malte Reißig, 2015