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DeepaMehta 4 MathJax Renderer

With this plugin you can write mathematical formulas (and possibly more) within DeepaMehta. Rendering is based on MathJax 2.0 but currently limited to DeepaMehta's Page Panel and Mozilla Firefox.

Download and Installation

Find and download your DeepaMehta 4 MathJax Renderer bundle version file from the following page.

After that place the downloaded file dm44-mathjax-renderer-1.0.X.jar in the bundles-folder of your DeepaMehta installation and restart DeepaMehta.

Configure the DeepaMehta 4 MathJax Renderer interactively

To start using the mathjax-renderer you need to set it up as the simple default renderer for a TopicType first.

Here is described how you can do so for a new Topic Type. Alternatively you can set up this renderer through editing the View Config of (nearly) any existing 'Topic Type' in DeepaMehta 4.

Create a new TopicType via the Create-Menu and choosing New Topic Type. In the upcoming edit form give your new TopicType a proper name, e.g. MathJax Content and make sure it's either of Data Type Text or HTML. Save your input, e.g. through pressing the Ok-Button at the bottom of the Page Panel in DeepaMehta.

After being saved the Page Panel is updated immediately to show you the infos about your newly created Topic Type, among these infos are also all its associated items (=topics). From among these associated topics, choose the aggregated View Config-Topic of your new Topic Type MathJax Content. Through clicking, this topic get's revealed in your current working map (left side of the DeepaMehta screen). When the View Config of your MathJax Content-Type Topic is selected, you can now press Edit in the Page Panel and thus configure it to make use of the DeepaMehta MathJax Renderer.

On the Edit-Page of the View Config-Topic set it's Simple renderer option to the renderer uri tub.eduzen.mathjax_field_renderer. Make also sure your new Topic Type is set to be Editable, Viewableand possibly part of your search results through being a Is Searchable Unit. Save your data, e.g. through pressing the Ok-button or clicking anywhere else in your browser window and that's it. You can now view and edit LaTeX-commands through creating and editing the resp. TopicType (here: MathJax Content) in your dm4-webclient.

Install MathJax Renderer as a developer

Example: To setup this renderer as part of your model/migration you need to set the 'dm4.webclient.simple_renderer_uri'. In a declarative model migration this could look like the following:

    "value": "Excercise Object",
    "uri": "tub.eduzen.excercise_object",
    "data_type_uri": "dm4.core.html",
    "index_mode_uris": ["dm4.core.fulltext", "dm4.core.fulltext_key"],
    "view_config_topics": [
            "type_uri": "dm4.webclient.view_config",
            "childs": {
                "dm4.webclient.simple_renderer_uri": "tub.eduzen.mathjax_field_renderer",
                "dm4.webclient.icon": "/de.tu-berlin.eduzen/images/ball-yellow.png",
                "dm4.webclient.add_to_create_menu": true,
                "dm4.webclient.is_searchable_unit": false,
                "dm4.webclient.rows": 4


Be aware that the MathJaxRenderer just processes the input which you enter between at least 2 dollar signs. One dollar sign renders your content as part of a sentence (inline rendering) while placing your LaTex commands between two dollar signs the nice output is displayed as a solitary paragraph underneath/above your text or html content.

2 MathJax Content Examples:

$ z=1+i $

$$ z=1+i $$

GNU Public License

This DeepaMehta plugin is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License in Version 3.0, 2007. You can find a copy of that here.

MathJax License

The license of the MathJax software component packaged as part of this plugin is an Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004 see also

Version History

1.0.5, Dec 08, 2015

  • compatible with DeepaMehta 4.4

1.0.4, Mar 08, 2014

  • compatible with DeepaMehta 4.2

1.0.2, Nov 18, 2013

  • compatible with DeepaMehta 4.1.2
  • updated to output formulas in SVG

0.1.0, Dec 3, 2012

  • Updated readme and installation hints, uploaded binary release
  • Minor code changes and removed logging to 'console

0.1.0-SNAPSHOT, Sep 25, 2012:

Author: Malte Reißig, 2012-2014


DM4 MathJax Renderer renders LaTeX in DM's page panel.






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