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eduZEN Notes Application

The first real eduZEN Web Application to allow students to create, share and structure their own html-postings.

Technically this plugin provides a custom, timeline based AJAX web interface allowing users to

  • create new html-postings (with math-formulas, fileupload and basic formatting)
  • tag and vote (a) all html-postings by other users and (b) course materials from each (synchronized) moodle installation
  • iteratively filter timelines of posts based on one to many tags

Its application model introduces the Topic Type Resource and aggregates other DM4 plugin to allow users to tag, share and vote simple HTML postings.


DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.

To be able to install this module you first and additionally have to install the following DeepaMehta 4 Plugins.

Download and Installation

Place all the latest bundle-files of the modules listed as required (see section above) in the bundles folder of your deepamehta installation and restart DeepaMehta.


You can start using eduZEN Notes with your browser by visiting, e.g. http:localhost:8080/notes.

GNU Public License

This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License in Version 3.0, 2007.

Icon License

The simple black resource icon in use by this plugin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license and was designed by Momentum Design Lab.

The colorful resource icon in use by this plugin () is licensed under the LGPL license and was designed by Everaldo Coelho.

The "Add item"-icon was published under Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 Netherlands and was designed by Tango.

The "Remove item"-icon was published "free for commercial use" and was designed by Icojam.

Version History


  • ..

0.2.3, 26 January 2014

  • Single-AJAX-Page Client
  • Compatible with DM 4.1.3
  • Integration of "Moodle Plugin" into Timeline-View
  • Improved code (structure and naming)

0.2.1-SNAPSHOT, 2013

  • Personal timelines and user profiles

0.2, May, 2013

  • First stable version

Please check the commit messages for all details on functionality.

0.1, Feb 28, 2013

  • initialization of this plugin.

Author: Malte Reißig, 2013-2014


Discontinued - Timeline Search UI meanwhile integrated into stableviews module






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