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DMX CSV Importer

A simple CSV importer to import and update topic entities and their simple 1st-level childs into DMX 5.2.


  • delimiter: | (default)
  • data type: Text


You need to create yourself a File topic first.

This can either be done through issueing a GET request to the FileService endpoint, e.g.: http://localhost:8080/files/file/notes.csv or through uploading a .csv file interactively using the dmx-upload-dialog plugin.

  • Search and reveal the notes.csv file on a topicmap.
  • Associate the file topic with the Topic Type you want to import topics of -- Note: the columns in your .csv file to import must match the child topic typeURIs.
  • Retype the association to a File Import edge
  • Fire the custom Import CSV context command on the notes.csv file topic

See here to find an exemplary .csv file for importing Note and Bookmark topics.

To run the import process use the Import CSV command available on all File-topics which end on .csv.


At some point in the future you may find the latest versions of this plugin at


  • DMX 5.2+
  • Write access to dmx.filerepo.path (see DMX platform file)

Import some topics from a CSV file

To create some Note topics use a CSV file (a simple text-file) structured like the following:

csv.example | dmx.notes.title | dmx.notes.text
one         | check this      | with content
two         | check this too  | and with another content

You could then upload this file through using the Import CSV command of the Note topic type. For each line, beginning at the second, there will be a Note created in your DeepaMehta 4 installation.

Alternatively: A CSV file to import some Web Resource topics would need its contents structured like the following:

deep.web | dmx.base.url                        | dmx.bookmarks.bookmark_description
site     |                 | <h1>DMX Platform</h1><p class="slogan">Cope With Complexity</p>
plugins  | | <h1>DMX Plugins</h1><p class="slogan">Download Extensions</p>
demo     |            | <h1>Demo Server</h1><p>try it now</p>
ci       |      | <h1>Continuous Integration</h1><p>fresh nightly builds</p>

CSV Format Description

  • topic URI prefix as the first entry (row: 0, col: 0)
  • all direct child topics are the remaining header columns
  • one topic per row with topic URI suffix in the first column


DMX CSV is available freely under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.

All third party components incorporated into the DMX CSV Software are licensed under the original license provided by the owner of the applicable component.

Release History

1.3, Nov 07, 2021

  • Fixes: Import of multiple #ref_uri: URI; #ref_uri: URI; now works (forgot trimming)

1.2, Aug 06, 2021

  • Compatible with DMX 5.2 API
  • Added configuration option: <dmx.csv.delete_instances_on_update>false</dmx.csv.delete_instances_on_update> (pom.xml style)
  • Removed transactions per row
  • Support for referencing entity topics from import data by URI (use the prefix #ref_uri: and then follow up with the entity URI)
  • Note: Many separator to represent multiple values in one column has change to ;!

1.1.2, Jan 02, 2020

  • Compatible with DMX 5.1 API

1.1.1, Aug 15, 2020

  • Adapted to latest changes in DMX 5.0 API
  • Fixes #7
  • Fixes incorrect status count on subsequent imports (updates)

1.1.0, Jun 24, 2020

  • Compatible with upcoming DMX 5.0 API

1.0.0, Jun 19, 2020

  • Adapted to be compatible with DMX 5.0-beta-7
  • Allowing for imports of many values from a single column (Seperator: ,)

Former releases were undocumented.


(C) Malte Reißig 2013-2020
(C) Danny Graf 2013-2015


CSV Importer for dmx-systems/dmx-platform







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