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DMX Import Export

A DMX plugin to ...

  • Export single DMX Topicmaps (JSON, SVG)
  • Import single DMX Topicmaps (JSON)
  • Import Firefox Bookmarks Backup Files (JSON)
  • Import Chrome/Chromium Bookmarks Backups (HTML)
  • Import Bookmarks from Zotero (4.x) HTML Reports


Next to the Topicmap dropdown menu:

  • Export: Trigger the "Export Topicmap" command if you want to save the current Topicmap as JSON file
  • Import: Trigger the "Upload Dialog" command and select your file to import. You will be guided through the import process.


Java 8+ and DMX 5.2


  1. Download the DMX Import Export plugin.

  2. Downlaod the DMX Upload Dialog plugin.

  3. Move the two plugins (.jar, bundle-files) to the bundle-deploy folder in your DMX installation.


DMX Import Export is available freely under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.

All third party components incorporated into the DMX Import Export Software are licensed under the original license provided by the owner of the applicable component:

Version History

0.9.2 Jun 30, 2021

  • Adapted to be compatible DMX 5.2
  • Adapted to DMX Upload Dialog 1.0.3

0.9.1 Jan 03, 2021

  • Adapted to DMX 5.1 API
  • More robust DM4 Content Importer
  • Extended DM4 Content Importer for maintaining Workspace assignments

0.9.0 Aug 16, 2020

  • Adapted to latest core API changes in DMX 5.0
  • Runs with per_workspace=true platform filerepo configuration
  • Added attribution to Jonathan Hedley for jsoup-1.10.2

0.8.0 June 19, 2020

  • Adapted Bookmarks import to be compatible with DMX 5.0-beta-7
  • Adapted Topicmaps import to be compatible with DMX 5.0-beta-7
  • Import process integrated into the dmx-upload-dialog module
  • Adapted package names and changed License to AGPL 3.0

0.6, Apr 27, 2019

  • Improved support for importing Firefox (v53.x) Bookmarks (folders are imported as tags)
  • Added dependency to dm4-tags-1.4.0 module
  • Added support for importing Chromium (v53.x) Bookmark backup files
  • Added support for Zotero Bookmarks (v4.x) from HTML Report
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.9.2

0.5, 22 Jun 2016

  • Added support for importing bookmarks based on Firefox Bookmark Backup documents (.json).
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8

0.3.1, 11. December 2015

  • Re-introduced proprietary import and export of Topicmaps (JSON based)
  • After exporting a Topicmap to SVG the exported document is rendered immediately

0.3, 21. November 2015

  • More robust SVG Topicmap export (fallback for icons unavailable)
  • Limitted functionality from within the Topicmap menu (SVG Export only)
  • Compatible with DM 4.7 (and the new file repository mechanism)

0.2, 21. July 2014

  • Was never really released

0.1 -- May 26, 2014


Malte Reißig, (C) 2015-2020
Carolina Garcia, (C) 2014


Support for Topicmaps SVG export, Save & Restore Topicmaps and for Import of Firefox, Chrome and Zotero bookmarks.




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