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Poemspace - DeepaMehta 4 Plugin ###############################

Poemspace is an application for contact management and email distribution in the field of arts and culture. A mailing is addressed to a arbitrary combination of single contacts and dynamic filter results. Contacts are categorized by e.g. arts genre and kind of venue. The categories themself are configurable by the user.



mail campaign map

supported distribution workflow

  • create and design a HTML Mail
  • Send this Mail to some test recipients
  • use the Mail to Start Campaign
  • Edit the Mail Campaign and filter the Recipient list to your needs
  • really Send this Mail to all campaign recipients

send again

when the Send Again action is invoked on a campaign mail, then the new Mail is also linked with the Mail Campaign and can directly be manipulated and resend to the actual campaign recipients.

create a criteria

use the New Criteria action from the create menu and enter a unique name to create a new Criteria Topic Type

After each criteria modification, the cache and webclient must be reloaded. So you have to reveal the Poem Space plugin to call the Reload Criteria Cache command and in addition your have to reload the webclient page in the web browser.

plugin development

TBD. You can start adapting the source code of this plugin by following the paragraph on plugin development in this README while replacing the names in that examples with the dependencys of this particular plugin (dm4-images, dm4-mail).

To build this bundle from source you must build and install the dm4 plugins this plugin declares dependend on locally on your machine (as these are not distributed via maven central). You can do so after checking out the respective plugins on github and using mvn clean install.


0.3, Feb 12, 2017

  • Adapted to be compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8
  • An usability issue remains:
    After updating the criterias of a "Campaign" topic one needs to select any other topic and re-select the "Campaign" to see and edit its up-to-date state. Disable the dm4-cache module and this will not be an isseu.

0.2, Apr 26, 2016

  • Upgraded to be compatible with DeepaMehta 4.7
  • Fixes: Sending campaign mail works before criterias where edited


A DeepaMehta 4 plugin for contact management and email distribution in the field of arts and culture.







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