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A simple PHP class to encrypt a string and decrypt an encrypted string
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Ncrypt : A 2-way encryption system

A simple PHP class to encrypt a string, and decrypt an encrypted string


Include the class

Option 1 (using Composer)

  • Add the following to your composer.json file-
    "require": {
        "mukto90/ncrypt": "dev-master"
  • Run composer install command.
  • Include your autoloader file (if not already), like this-
include 'vendor/autoload.php';

Option 2

  • Copy class.ncrypt.php file from ncrypt/src/ directory to your project.
  • Include the class in your project file, like this-
include 'src/class.ncrypt.php';

Instantiate the class

$ncrypt = new mukto90\Ncrypt;

Configure (optional)

  • Optionally set secret key, secret IV and cipher
$ncrypt->set_secret_key( '^&-my-key-&^' );  // optional, but STRONGLY recommended
$ncrypt->set_secret_iv( '#@)-my-iv-#*$' );  // optional, but STRONGLY recommended
$ncrypt->set_cipher( 'AES-256-CBC' );       // optional

How to encrypt a plain text/string

  • Pass your string to encrypt() method-
$encrypted = $ncrypt->encrypt( 'Hello World!' ); // output: SFpQVWk0WjFxdW5lSGFXaUdWUEx3Zz09

How to decrypt an encrypted string

  • Pass the already encrypted string to decrypt() method-
$decrypted = $ncrypt->decrypt( 'SFpQVWk0WjFxdW5lSGFXaUdWUEx3Zz09' ); // output: Hello World!

Requirement (minimum)

  • PHP 5.3.0
  • php_openssl library needs to be enabled. See here


Nazmul Ahsan



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