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@REM This is for copying docs,binaries, and stuff to the release packages
@mkdir updater
@mkdir updater\plugins
@mkdir updater\scripting
@mkdir updater\scripting\servertools
@mkdir updater\docs
@mkdir package
@mkdir package\server
@mkdir package\server\configs
@mkdir package\server\plugins
@mkdir package\server\docs
@mkdir package\server\scripting
@mkdir package\server\scripting\servertools
@mkdir package\remote
@mkdir package\stc
@mkdir package\stc\win32
copy plugin\servertools.sp updater\scripting\ /Y
copy plugin\servertools\* updater\scripting\servertools\ /Y
copy plugin\servertools.smx updater\plugins\ /Y
copy docs\servertools3.txt updater\docs\ /Y
copy docs\servertools3.txt package\ /Y
copy docs\servertools3.txt package\server\docs /Y
copy plugin\servertools.smx package\server\plugins /Y
copy plugin\servertools.sp package\server\scripting /Y
copy plugin\servertools\* package\server\scripting\servertools\ /Y
copy servertools.cfg.example package\server\configs /Y
copy servertools_id.cfg.example package\server\configs /Y
copy web\listing.php package\remote /Y
copy web\setkey.php package\remote /Y
copy stc\autoexec_stock.cfg package\stc\win32\autoexec.cfg /Y
copy stc\Release\stc.exe package\stc\win32 /Y
copy stc\LICENSE_1_0.txt package\stc\win32 /Y
@echo ***
@echo ***
@echo *** don't forget to set version in servertools_update.txt ***
@echo *** and compile smx! ***
@echo ***
@echo ***
@echo (all done)
@echo -----------------------