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Keyviz - Visualize your keystrokes in real-time | Product Hunt downloads

Keyviz is a free and open-source software to visualise your ⌨️ keystrokes in real time! Let your audience know what handy shortcuts/keys you're pressing during screencasts, presentations, collaborations, or whenever you need it.


🦄 Style


Don't restrain yourself to just black & white! Change the visualisation's style, size, colour (modifier and regular keys), border, icon, and symbols.

⚙️ Fully Customizable


Powerful and easy-to-use configuration options.

  • Filter normal keys and only display shortcuts like Ctrl + S
  • Adjust the visualisation position on the screen
  • Decide how much the visualisation lingers on the screen before animating out
  • Switch between animation presets to animate your visualisation in & out


You can download the latest version of keyviz from the Github Releases page. For the installer, unzip the downloaded file, run the installer and follow the familiar steps to install keyviz.

Or, install keyviz using Winget:

winget install mulaRahul.Keyviz

Or from Scoop:

scoop bucket add extras # first, add the bucket
scoop install keyviz

Alternatively, you can get the portable version which doesn't require installation but may or may not work on every system.


You can also check out this video tutorial.

Follow the above installation process to start. Then, you can start visualising your keystrokes by just running the application.

To open the settings window, find the keyviz icon on the right side of the Taskbar or Taskbar > Hidden Icons ^. Then right-click on the icon and select Settings.

The settings window will appear, from which you customise the style, appearance, and other general visualisation settings. You can also pause the visualisations temporarily by left-clicking on the tray icon.

*.dll Missing Error?


If you're getting a .dll missing error after installing the application, you're missing the required Visual C++ redistributables. You can get the same from here VSC++ Redist.

Feature Requests

You can vote for planned features in this 📃 poll.

If you want to request features, start a discussion or join our discord community and let us know about your suggestions. You can go ahead and vote for the requested features by others and see the future development plans.