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Simple JSON Schema example

JSONSchema types are generated by jsonschema2pojo


The jsonMapper configuration parameter specifies which annotation strategy should be used by jsonschema2pojo. Available options are jackson, jackson2 and gson

The jsonMapperConfiguration parameter allows for some configuration of the mapper. These are the currently supported values for this configuration.

  • IncludeJsr303Annotations
  • UseCommonsLang3
  • GenerateBuilders
  • IncludeHashcodeAndEquals
  • CustomAnnotator
  • IncludeToString
  • UseLongIntegers
  • IncludeConstructors
  • ConstructorsRequiredPropertiesOnly
  • IncludeAccessors
  • UseJodaDates
  • UseJodaLocalDates
  • UseJodaLocalTimes
  • DateTimeType
  • DateType

You can find more information on this jsonschema2pojo documentation page.

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