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RAML Syntax Highlighter for Sublime

This is a simple syntax highlighter for the RESTful API Modeling Language (

RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) is a simple and succinct way of describing practically-RESTful APIs. It encourages reuse, enables discovery and pattern-sharing, and aims for merit-based emergence of best practices.

##File associations

With this package, Sublime Text will recognize raml files as having RAML syntax.


Using Package Control:

If you don't have Package Control installed in Sublime, please follow this instructions.

  • Go to your package control palette, by pressing ctrl+shift+p (Win, Linux) or cmd+shift+p (OS X).

  • Type "Package Control: Install Package"

  • Type "RAML Syntax Highlighter" in the search toolbar and press Enter. The plugin will be downloaded and installed automatically

Manual installation:

  • The easiest way to install is just copying the sublime-package file (bundled with the releases) to the Installed Packages folder of your personal Sublime Text folder.

  • For Windows users, that's likely located in %appdata%\Sublime Text 2.

  • You could also install it by copying the files into a Sublime Text 2\Packages\RAML folder (creating the RAML folder previously).

After installing the plugin, you will be able to use it by going to View -> Syntax -> RAML. Once selected, you will see the RAML label on the bottom right corner.


Package Control link: