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To configure the hub back-end store and retry policy:

    <!-- Any implementation of can be used as a back-end for the hub -->
    <spring:bean id="hubObjectStore"
                 class="" />

<!-- By default, the hub will retry failed operations (like confirming a subscription) every 5 minutes and a maximum of 12 times -->
<PuSH-hub:config objectStore-ref="hubObjectStore" />

Exposing the hub to the outside world is then trivial:

<flow name="hub">
    <http:inbound-endpoint address="http://localhost:8080/hub" />
    <PuSH-hub:hub />

If the default configuration values are not acceptable, the hub can be configured to use specific values:

<PuSH-hub:config objectStore-ref="hubObjectStore"
                 defaultLeaseSeconds="86400" />  

Implementation Status


  • Subscription with Synchronous and Asynchronous Verification
  • Unsubscription with Synchronous and Asynchronous Verification
  • Publisher New Content Notification
  • Content Fetch
  • Content Distribution
  • Authenticated Content Distribution
  • Number of subscribers in user agent (including support of X-Hub-On-Behalf-Of)

Not Supported:

Known Limitations

  • Subscriber HTTP interactions time-out is fixed to 15 seconds
  • The same retry policy is used for un/subscription verification, content fetch and delivery attempts