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An Objective-C runtime based on mulle-core and mulle-clang. #MakeObjCGreatAgain

mulle-objc runtime and root classes

The mulle-objc-runtime C library is a required library for all mulle-objc projects. The MulleObjC Objective-C library contains the familiar set of root classes, such as NSObject, for Objective-C projects .


  1. A fast, portable Objective-C runtime written 100% in C11

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  2. MulleObjC Public

    💎 A collection of Objective-C root classes for mulle-objc

    Objective-C 50 6

  3. 🎩 mulle-objc developer kit for mulle-sde

    CMake 13 1

  4. 📰 Homepage for the mulle-objc community. Questions and general issues are tracked here.

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