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Making a NavTech on any debian server

We use ''vagrant'' for testing porpuses. Ansible is been used to deploy the packages and compile anything needed for both servers.

Use this guide as reference:

We have the Playbook to deploy the incoming server. In order to check what is going on on your server check this file.

To test it, clone the repository and then run: vagrant up --provision tis will wake up 2 virtual machines and provisioning them with Ansible

In order run the playbook on a real server just
Edit the host/serverhost file with your username and your ipaddress

ssh-copy-id username@serverip then:

ansible-playbook in_server.yml -i hosts/serverhost --ask-sudo-pass

If you like this you can buy me a beer :) Donations always welcome!


#Soon: Outgoing Server Playbook

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