An Amazon-like storefront built to use via command line using MySQL and Node.js. Ability to update/view/modify/purchase inventory.
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Welcome to Bamazon!

I've created an Amazon-like storefront utilizing MySQL and Node.js run from the command line.

Customer Portal

Visit the store as a customer with command: node bamazonCustomer.js, and you'll see prompts such as this:

Image of Welcome to Bamazon!

Choose your destiny. Should you choose door #1, you'll see the current inventory:

Image of Current Inventory

Choose to make a purchase:

Image of Make Purchase

Choose to view last chance, low inventory items, and you'll see just that:

Image of Low Inventory

Manager Portal

Visiting the store as a manager grants you additional control. Along with basic access to viewing inventory and low inventory items, the manager has the ability to add to inventory. Access the manager portal with command: node bamazonManager.js:

Image of Low Inventory

Thank you for visiting Bamazon, visit again soon for additional functionality!