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Not an App in the App Store sense of the word, but an implementation of the App described in Square's job application for iOS developers.

Include an answer to the following question with your resume and cover letter Assume you have an Employee class which defines four properties: name, job title, date of birth, and number of years employed. Create an iOS app which consists of a UITableView for displaying a list of Employees. It should scroll smoothly and look beautiful, but the design is up to you. Bonus points for including a photo of the user, multiple device support, and attention to detail.

That makes this an application for an application. How meta.

What it Does

  • Has an employee class with the desired properties above, as well as the imageName property for displaying an image.
  • Custom UIViewController and UITableViewCell subclasses, not too special.
  • Contains stlying à la other tijo Apps (i.e. wootvetica, FaceType, and the now defunct NGadget).

Potential Improvements

  • Loading and caching of employee information offline
  • More dynamic storage, currently a simple NSArray within the App stores employee data. Migration to CoreData would be cool.
  • Loading and caching of employee images offline using something like AFNetworking