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A flutter app for sharing contact information and keeping track of the gazillion communication platforms.
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A flutter app that integrates communication platforms and lets you consolidate all your contact info into a single "profile".


  • assets: fonts, icons, etc
  • lib
    • main.dart: sets up colors, bottom bar, navigation
    • pages: contains folders for every screen
    • common: constants, styles, routes, common widgets/logic, etc
    • database: interface for hivedb
    • items: data models
  • test: unit tests, widget tests
  • .github/workflows: automated tests/build using github actions

state management

  • Use mobx for state management: define services for all data
  • Use hivedb to store shared prefs
  • Use GetIt.I to make data persist globally in a singleton
  • Use provider package where mobx is not suitable
  • See "lifting state up"


  • Tab width = 2 spaces
  • All constants either use SCREAMING_CAPS or start with k
  • Line length is 120
  • Single quotes for strings
  • Dart/Prettier automatically formats the code if there are proper trailing commas

build & run

  • Generate mobx code using build runner: flutter packages pub run build_runner build -v
  • Debug app using IDE or run flutter run


  • Use beta channel of flutter and run flutter config --enable-web to be able to debug in Chrome
  • Run flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main to generate app icons (see pubspec.yaml)
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