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Plugins documentation for Sonata

This document explains how to write plugins for Sonata, a Gtk client for the Music Player Daemon.

Plugin metadata


Plugin entr-points

This is the list of entry-points that plugins can hook into Sonata

cover_fetching(artist, album, on_save_callback, on_error_callback)

  • on_save_callback(fp): takes a file-like object as argument, and will save its content in a place known by Sonata. However successful the saving was, it returns True if the plugin should continue to download more covers, or False if the plugin should stop to download covers.
  • on_error_callback(reason=None): takes an optionnal reason as argument. This must be call if something wrong happens while fetching a cover. This returns True to indicate that the plugin shoud stop fetching new covers, or False if the plugin should continue fetching new covers.

This entry-point is called when Sonata is requesting a plugin to get a cover for the specified album played by the artist. On finding new covers, the plugin has to call the on_save_callback callback, passing the content of the cover as a file-like object. If finding a specific cover fails, the plugin should call on_error_callback, passing a possible reason why it fails.

Depending on the return value of the callbacks, the plugin should continue or stop fetching new covers.


The reasoning behind both callbacks are as follow:

  • the plugin doesn't have to be responsible of saving the content of the cover on the file system, Sonata will do it.
  • the plugin should be told when there are enough covers fetched. This can be a hard limit, ranging from 1 (get me the first cover) to (currently) 50 (get me all the covers that you can find and the user will choose the right one). This can also be a way to tell the plugin that the user has enough covers and there's no need to download more (the user already picked up the right cover).
  • the plugin should not stop in an "infinite", un-stoppable loop. Hence, even if fetching a cover fails, the plugin should notify Sonata it tried to get one, so it can either be stopped, or get a chance to find more.