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  • remove useless self. (start in Stream, Playlist) so that we really know the locality of things
  • extract constants (path for config and directories) so they can be reused (no more magic values)
  • try: play more with Gtk signals: don't overtest self.conn but disconnect signals when not connected to MPD, and reconnect signals when connected to MPD again?
  • improve perf
    • must start faster (as fast as py2/gtk2 at least)
    • improve PyGObject perfs first?
  • rework artwork cache (broken since 12df68). Is it really useful?
  • lyrics:
    • check why at startup unkown lyrics are fetched 2 or 3 times, and fix it


  • instead of:

    lyrics_fetchers = pluginsystem.get('lyrics_fetching')
    if lyrics_fetchers:
        for plugin, get_lyrics in lyrics_fetchers:

    have something like:

    pluginsystem.execute('lyrics_fetching', callback_one_plugin, *args, **kwargs)
  • work on plugin repositories (see

  • load/reload new plugins without restart

  • find an API to limit global states in plugin (no need to have globals as such)

  • make plugins easier to write:

  • fix cover plugin: it always download the first cover, even if another one has been selected

  • fix cover plugin: doesn't download any cover when several cover plugins are enabled


  • remote artwork dialog:
    • on no result, display the message in the middle, disable "can be selected" state, disable 'OK' button
  • library:
    • browse an album with a cover -> the cover appears in the breadcrumb. Close Sonata, reopen, go to Libraryy again -> the album is already browsed, but the cover doesn't appear in the breadcrumd (need to go to the Album view again, load all the covers, then it works)
  • lyrics:
    • when no lyrics, improve the rendering (writing "No lyric" or "Fetching lyrics failed" instead of the lyrics is not very nice/pretty...)
  • general:
    • remove the hard-coded shortcuts in the About a window and try to regenerate them from Gtk.AccelMap.get(): they are obsolete, they are a pain in the ass to gather by hand, and they are probably all set up in this map anyway.
  • current:
    • consume mode slow when changing song (rebuild of the model after each songs?)

Gtk 3:

  • in Info tab, more/less should hide boxes containing both labels, instead of hiding each labels separately
  • remove other deprecated calls:
    • GtkBox -> GtkGrid ?
    • size_request() -> get_preferrred_width/height


  • delete class Args (useless)
  • use argparse instead
  • remove local imports + globals to modules (W. T. F. ?!)
  • simplify the best we can (do we need all those _execute_() methods?)


  • log with thread-id enable, and see what's going on
  • do we have to access MPD from different threads (Mic92 from python-mpd says the module is not thread-safe, but Sonata steps clearly on this).
  • codingteam has a number of thread-related issues reported. Fix those, look for similar pattern to see if they can be fixed as well
  • ultimately: remove as much threading code as possible


  • implements missing MPD features:
  • if playlists change while Sonata is running, the playlists' list desn't get refreshed
  • bug when creating a playlist with a "/" (forbidden by MPD, but Sonata should konw how to react)
  • bug when renaming playlist (see mpd log from Sonata, can't rename same playlist twice)
  • if was connected and MPD is shutdown, it sometimes log "Already connected" -> what's happening?

Old TODO file

    sonata freezes with gail/accessibility enabled during new library searching
    translations - bold, commas for arabic (ahmad farghal email)
    #3992: enabling/disabling outputs
    #4370: number in playlist
    contextual statusbar depending on tab opened? (michael email)
    save to playlist.. default to selected files? pref?
    tag editing - support for composer, disc
    song queue (mpd-git will be bringing it back)
    search results - show albums, artists, genres that match
    right-click on tab bar (michael email)
    0.15 has input support for radio

    albumartist tag for, e.g., VA albums; composer for classical
    plugin support
        - single instance, mmkeys (could remove dbus; faster on startup, less memory)
        - artwork
        - lyrics
        - system tray
        - audioscrobbler
        - popup notification
        - tag editing
        - #2419 dynamic playlist (patch)
        - #2454 Add as Next Track (patch)
        - #4007 stop after track ('single' command in 0.15)
        - #Zeroconf/avahi (patch)

    support for new idle command (waiting on python-mpd)
    work with mpd's new "allow authenticated local users to add any local file to the playlist"
        - waiting on python-mpd to implement unix socket paths
        - dnd from a file manager (implemented and untested because of above)
        - new library browsing mode to open any file?
          remember: no tags and implications for remote mpd users.
    crop songs in current playlist?
    mpd statistics
    better playlist support (mpd 0.13+ only):
        ability to view songs, reorder songs, remove songs, etc
    lazy loading of the treeview

    extract duplicate code into functions, classes etc.
    document interfaces and implementation
        - limit module size to 1000 lines
        - limit dependencies between modules
        - rewrite unpythonic or complicated parts
        - fix reasonable pychecker/pylint warnings
        - write automated tests
        - refactor code into parts that can be tested
        - add class restrictions to most "except:" clauses
        - add debug logging to most except clauses
        - design, document, and implement a bug-free use of threads

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