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v0.6 - September 18, 2006
+ Add support for playlists (save, load, queue, delete)
+ Ability to use local image for album cover
+ Support for multimedia keys
+ Fetch cover art if an artist, but not album, is specified
+ Add Ctrl-U and Ctrl-Shift-U for updating library (see docs)
+ (Re-)display systray icon if tray is (re-)opened
+ Fix to return all playlist objects
+ Bug: Delete key doesn't remove songs from playlist
v0.5.2 - September 15, 2006
+ Correctly update interface after updating MPD library
+ Interface prefs: show album art, show volume, sticky, above
+ Behavior prefs: minimize to systray, stop playback on exit
+ Increase iter time if connection timesout (to make gui responsive)
+ Use gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL instead of custom playlist icon
+ Try gnome-open/exo-open first for opening help, then fallback
+ Ability to set translations (see TRANSLATIONS file)
+ Use dbus to prevent multiple instances
+ More shortcuts (see documentation)
+ Minor bugfixes
v0.5.1 - September 13, 2006
+ Increment to mpdclient3 to prevent incompatibility issues
+ Bug: Running Sonata without systray causes crash
v0.5 - September 12, 2006
+ Added album art (and ability to choose from alternatives
if the one automatically selected is incorrect, via right-click)
+ Integrate playlist and library into one app
+ Change song progress with mousewheel over progressbar
+ Change volume with mousewheel over volume button, systray icon
+ Change volume icon based on volume level
+ Added playback, etc, shortcuts
+ Added Replace menu and dir/file icons to library browser
+ Removed toolbar, cleaned up interface
+ Removed horizontal scrollbar
+ Don't update systray icon based on playback status
+ Moved config to standard
+ Keep app width constant when (un)expanding
+ Keep currently playing song visible in list
+ Removed python-empy, glade
+ Bug: mpdclient2/app doesn't accept passwords (crash)
+ Bug: mdpclient2 - lsinfo skips the first file found after dirs
+ Bug: Cannot remove multiple rows from right-click
+ Bug: Crash if user has MPD connection but no read access
+ Bug: GTK+ treeview search does not work
+ Bug: Right-Click checkbox doesnt set value on start
+ Bug: Doesn't properly retain view when browsing playlist
+ Added documentation
+ Other bugfixes, tweaks
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