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v1.5 - April 3, 2008
+ Replace album view with genre view for library
+ Display covers for albums in artist/genre views
+ Add menu items and shortcuts for playing library items after add/replace
+ Allow setting artwork for streams
+ Optional stylized album art with cases (Aidan)
+ New, faster python mpd interface (jat)
+ --popup argument to popup song notification (requires D-Bus) (Oleg)
+ Show 'Untagged' artists/genres in their respective library views
+ Allow DND of cover art from a web browser (Артем)
+ Allow DND of music from a file manager into playlist (requires mpd 0.14)
+ Preserve column percentages for current tab across window resizing
+ Speed up mpd-related commandline arguments
+ Switch back to last tab on second cover art click
+ Retain selection in lists after removing items
+ Hidden config option to expand notebook tabs (tabs_expanded)
+ Set ServiceProxy cachedir for lyrics to work around ZSI bug
+ Add Estonian translation (Mihkel)
+ Bug: Fix multimedia keys for gnome 2.22
+ Bug: Fix artwork for artists/albums with "/" in them (e.g. AC/DC)
+ Bug: Fix egg trayicon with vertical system tray
+ Bug: Weird bug in library-view
+ Bug: Prevent failure to load if tab positions are saved as None
+ Bug: Fix non-ascii characters in files for non-utf8 filesystems (zap)
+ Bug: Prevent crash with certain locales like turkish (jat)
+ Bug: Using filter causes playlist to jump to the top
+ Bug: Fix AudioScrobblerQuery (kigurai)
v1.4.2 - February 9, 2008
+ Add %D for disc tag in display formatting options
+ Better handling if no read permission (e.g. no/bad mpd password supplied)
+ Bug: Fix seeking in progress bar
+ Bug: Fix blank album info when there is an ampersand
+ Bug: Missing color in notification window
+ Bug: Notebook arrow clicks are ignored due to gtk bug
+ Bug: Potential ordering bug when sorting via column heading click
+ Bug: Make desktop file compliant
+ Bug: Column widths can collapse when exiting while minimized to the tray
v1.4.1 - February 2, 2008
+ Remove queue support (it was removed from mpd-svn, complain to them)
+ Improved re-ordering of playlist songs (including multiple selected songs)
+ Add album info into info tab
+ Use hand2 instead of hand1 for song info links
+ Bug: Traceback can occur after enabling audioscrobbler
+ Bug: Text background color on tabs (ecik)
+ Bug: Visible background of eventboxes for info tab links, etc.
+ Bug: Can't click (more) link in non-English locales
+ Bug: Crash when using libegg with system tray icon disabled
+ Bug: Disable tag editing link in info tab for streams/remote files
+ Bug: Unescape common html codes from lyrics fetching, enable formatting
+ Bug: The main notebook should be scrollable
v1.4 - January 15, 2008
+ Integrate info window into main player
+ Update to audioscrobbler protocol 1.2 and scrobbling bug fixes (mveers)
+ Implemented caching of scrobbles across client restarts
+ Vertically center currently playing song
+ Updated artwork (Adrian Chromenko)
+ IPv6 support for the mpd connection (Shane Kerr)
+ Allow screen center for notification popup
+ Preference for saving lyrics to music file's directory (like artwork)
+ Allow hiding and reordering notebook tabs (e.g. playlists, streams, info)
+ Retain library path when re-opening Sonata
+ Remove confusing 'remote only' and 'remote, then local' artwork options
+ Ability to hide progress bar (can create very minimal player)
+ Skip fallback artwork search of just album name if primary searches fail
+ Make system tray icon scalable
+ Shortcuts to search library (ctrl-h), randomize current playlist (alt-r)
+ Use gtk theme's link-color if available (only for gtk 2.12 and above)
+ Bug: Right-click menu can cause accidental actions with some gtk themes
+ Bug: Prevent crash on negative disc/track numbers
+ Bug: Filter + Edit Tags edits a different song than selected
+ Bug: Prevent possible exception regarding cover art on first load
+ Bug: Fix retrieving some non-English lyrics (ecik)
+ Bug: Allow MPD_HOST to override GUI
+ Bug: {} displays in the Current column title
+ Bug: Fix manpage path to be FHS compliant
+ Bug: Ensure that the version of ZSI is compatible with sonata
v1.3 - October 29, 2007
+ Playlist queue support (requires mpd 0.14 - currently mpd-svn)
+ Use-configurable columns in playlist by using "|" in prefs > format (xsdnyd)
+ Switch from SOAPpy to newer ZSI library for lyrics fetching
+ Use xmms-like search filter by default when user types (no more ctrl-j)
+ Ctrl-i shortcut to center currently playing song
+ Use case insensitive sorting for library (holy_robot)
+ Ignore "the" when sorting library in artist/album views (holy_robot)
+ Better logic when sorting playlists and new "dir+file" sort option (sed)
+ Allow saving/overwriting existing playlists and streams
+ Hidden config options to set browser, hide column headers
+ Update license to GNU GPLv3
+ Added Brazilian translation (Alex Tercete Matos)
+ Added Danish translation (Martin Dybdal)
+ Bug: Fix nl.po translation causing crash
+ Bug: Remember playlist position when adding from library
+ Bug: Fixed tracebacks with certain encodings
+ Bug: MPD_HOST with password doesn't work on first install
+ Bug: Fix desktop file to match current XDG standard (nigel)
+ Bug: Search Amazon artwork using latin1 since it no longer supports utf8
+ Bug: Possible tag editing issues w/non-latin encoding (requires tagpy 0.93)
+ Bug: Fix czech translation to use cs.po
v1.2.3 - August 23, 2007
+ Incorporate disc tag in album sorting (Emmanuel Viaud)
+ Significantly reduced wakeups/sec according to powertop
+ Add stream name as a formatting option
+ Added Italian translation (Gianni Vialetto)
+ Added Swedish translation (Daniel Nylander)
+ Added Dutch translation (Olivier)
+ Bug: Stupid parsing of amazon URLs, reduced success of cover art fetching
+ Bug: Default cover remains after refetching when not using ~/.covers
+ Bug: Czech translation incorrectly labeled Swedish
+ Bug: Song played after a replace is first in list, even in shuffle mode
+ Bug: Collapsed view doesn't work properly in some WMs (e.g. Fluxbox)
+ Bug: Display 'update library' menu item even when library is empty
v1.2.2 - July 22, 2007
+ Bug: Fix artwork fetching (Amazon gzip'ed xml returns garbage)
+ Bug: Prevent connection error if the interface hasn't yet been run
+ Bug: Prevent possibility of deleting image file when choosing local art file
+ Bug: Don't load gnome-settings-daemon if it's not running (kinote)
v1.2.1 - July 16, 2007
+ Bug: Using MPD with a password causes error
v1.2 - July 15, 2007
+ Audioscrobbler support (requires python 2.5 or python-elementtree) (Owen)
+ Support for multiple profiles (and, e.g., "sonata --profile=2")
+ Ability to set search terms for lyrics
+ Ability to rename playlists (requires mpd >= 0.13)
+ Prevent continually searching for artwork/lyrics if not found the first time
+ Search for additional artwork filenames
+ Allows resetting artwork to the default image
+ 'Save All' button for tag editing window
+ Display MPD status in systray icon
+ Prevent GUI blocking when connecting to MPD, where possible
+ Added Finnish translation (Ilkka Tuohela)
+ Bug: Multimedia keys no longer work in Gnome 2.18 (Florian)
+ Bug: Hide statusbar in collapse mode when showing from systray
+ Bug: Cover artwork filename doesn't use system's locale charset
+ Bug: MPD_HOST variable doesn't work when it includes password
v1.1.1 - May 18, 2007
+ Add Czech translation (Jakub Adler)
+ Bug: Incorrect artist can sometimes be set for album art/info (vEX)
+ Bug: Artwork isn't set when there is a single image in the song's dir
+ Bug: Improve handling under tiling WMs like ion3
+ Bug: A 2nd instance isn't prevented with dbus/python 2.4 (Sebastian)
v1.1 - May 7, 2007
+ Ctrl-J for xmms-like search filter (vEX/Eduard)
+ Implemented logic for Various Artists albums
+ Cover art pref: save to ~/.covers or file's respective dir
+ Support for GNOME session management
+ Allow searching through ALL metadata in library
+ Link artist and album name in song info window to wikipedia entry
+ Add shuffle, repeat, --visible, and --hidden commandline arguments
+ Show if mpd is updating in statusbar
+ Save last used option in library search
+ Update code for dbus-python 0.80 API (Jordan)
+ Ellipsize text in treeviews, current playing song (Jordan)
+ Add button for listing of shortcuts to About dialog
+ Resize cover art to fit song info window
+ Added Simplified Chinese translation (Desmond Chang)
+ Bug: Prevent tracebacks between withdrawing app & gtk.StatusIcon
+ Bug: Fix error if mpd is not running and sonata starts hidden
+ Bug: Can't manually set artwork across filesystems
+ Bug: Can't use find-as-you-type in the current playlist
+ Bug: Right-click menu closes right away for some users
v1.0.1 - February 13, 2007
+ Make lyrics fetching optional
+ Allow editing of stream name/url
+ Hide the notification window when it is clicked
+ Small usability improvements to gtk.StatusIcon
+ Improvements to reordering the current playlist with drag-n-drop
+ Bug: Info window freezes when editing currently playing song's tags
+ Bug: Tag editing doesn't work with older version (0.90.1) of tagpy
+ Bug: Prevent strange potential freeze with gc.collect()
+ Bug: Cover art doesn't update correctly if Local Only artwork set
+ Bug: Lyrics occassionally don't stay synced with current playing song
v1.0 - January 21, 2007
+ Multiple views for library: filesystem, artists, albums
+ Editing of song tags (requires optional taglib & tagpy)
+ Auto-fetching of song lyrics (requires optional soappy)
+ Improved song info window and access to it
+ Allow pls/m3u/extm3u's as stream inputs
+ Sort current playlist (by metadata, random, reverse)
+ Optional statusbar (playlist length, time)
+ Revert to gtk's StatusIcon if gnome-python-extras isn't installed
+ Make system tray icon optional
+ Pref to write xmms-info like status file to use with IM, IRC.. (Tim)
+ Allow drag-n-drop of images to set album art
+ If there is only one image in the song's dir, set as art (Ivan)
+ Album art priority preference (local vs remove)
+ Formatting options (genre, song length, elapsed time, year) (Ivan)
+ Pref to play enqueued items on activate (i.e. enter/double-click)
+ Play friendler with other clients for shuffle/repeat/crossfade
+ Reduced startup time/memory usage
+ Use curly brackets {} to have formatting appear only if all enclosed
tags are available
+ Ability to run on OLPC's Sugar user environment (Owen)
+ Added Ukranian translation (Господарисько Тарас)
+ Bug: No more freezes due to threading! Finally! Seriously!
+ Bug: Cannot set album art for album/artist with "/" in name
+ Bug: Prevent interface jumping because of progress bar font
+ Bug: Notification window isn't positioned correctly for dual-head
v0.9 - November 19, 2006
+ Added stream support
+ Use local artwork (cover.jpg, folder.jpg) first, if it exists
(requires music_directory to be specified in preferences)
+ Allow crossfading (mixing) between songs
+ Fetch higher-resolution cover art
+ Allow specifying search terms for remote album art
+ Improved song info viewer
+ Make remote images window non-blocking
+ Popup song notification on un-pause
+ Pick up tooltip album background color from gtk theme
+ Store cover art in ~/.covers for consistency with gmpc
+ Add German translation (Paul Johnson)
+ Bug: Prevent infrequent crash when fetching album art
+ Bug: Intermittent interface freezes due to threading
+ Bug: Unable to delete playlists with ampersand, etc.
+ Bug: Player can become the wrong height on expand
+ Bug: Ensure local art is correctly applied on song changes
+ Bug: Searching library doesn't work for non-english locale
v0.8.1 - October 19, 2006
+ Add Polish translation (Tomasz Dominikowski)
+ Bug: Correctly send mpd password when using manual connect
+ Bug: Prevent certain keys from causing events
+ Bug: Prevent potential crash if not able to obtain mpd status
v0.8 - October 7, 2006
+ Allow user formatting of current playlist, library, and title
+ Pref for song notification location
+ Allow song notification for users without gnome-python-extras
+ Pref to hide playback buttons
+ Pref to update MPD library on start
+ --info, --status displays current song info or MPD status
+ Pref to autoconnect on start, connect/disconnect buttons
+ Fetch album art in background (non-blocking)
+ Correctly retain previous library state when ending search
+ Add russian translation [Andrew Lukoshko]
+ Bug: Display path when filename is empty or http/ftp prefixes
+ Bug: Fix crash if changing connection w/o gnome-python-extras
+ Bug: Prevent --help, --toggle, etc. from happening twice if
dbus is installed
+ Bug: Some shortcuts don't work with numslock enabled
v0.7.1 - September 27, 2006
+ Bug: Fix crash if dbus is not installed
+ Bug: Fix crash if song does not have some id3 info specified
v0.7 - September 27, 2006
+ Ability to search library by type (can be disabled in prefs)
+ Optional notification popup on song changes
+ Show larger image on left-click of cover art
+ Reduce (pygmy's) default polling time
+ Retain selection of browsed directories in library
+ Retain selection after drag-n-drop
+ Keep width of tooltip fixed
+ Show previous instance of app if user tries to open a second
instance [Mike Massonnet patch]
+ Add --version, --help; print usage
+ --toggle argument to minimize to tray or show (requires D-Bus)
+ Add french translation [Floréal M]
+ Additional shortcuts (see docs)
+ Bug: repeat/shuffle isn't updated if mpd is restarted
+ Bug: Unable to delete multiple playlists at once
+ Bug: Crash when playing ogg streams [patch]
v0.6 - September 18, 2006
+ Add support for playlists (save, load, queue, delete)
+ Ability to use local image for album cover
+ Support for multimedia keys
+ Fetch cover art if an artist, but not album, is specified
+ Add Ctrl-U and Ctrl-Shift-U for updating library (see docs)
+ (Re-)display systray icon if tray is (re-)opened
+ Fix to return all playlist objects
+ Bug: Delete key doesn't remove songs from playlist
v0.5.2 - September 15, 2006
+ Correctly update interface after updating MPD library
+ Interface prefs: show album art, show volume, sticky, above
+ Behavior prefs: minimize to systray, stop playback on exit
+ Increase iter time if connection timesout (to make gui responsive)
+ Use gtk.STOCK_JUSTIFY_FILL instead of custom playlist icon
+ Try gnome-open/exo-open first for opening help, then fallback
+ Ability to set translations (see TRANSLATIONS file)
+ Use dbus to prevent multiple instances
+ More shortcuts (see documentation)
+ Minor bugfixes
v0.5.1 - September 13, 2006
+ Increment to mpdclient3 to prevent incompatibility issues
+ Bug: Running Sonata without systray causes crash
v0.5 - September 12, 2006
+ Added album art (and ability to choose from alternatives
if the one automatically selected is incorrect, via right-click)
+ Integrate playlist and library into one app
+ Change song progress with mousewheel over progressbar
+ Change volume with mousewheel over volume button, systray icon
+ Change volume icon based on volume level
+ Added playback, etc, shortcuts
+ Added Replace menu and dir/file icons to library browser
+ Removed toolbar, cleaned up interface
+ Removed horizontal scrollbar
+ Don't update systray icon based on playback status
+ Moved config to standard
+ Keep app width constant when (un)expanding
+ Keep currently playing song visible in list
+ Removed python-empy, glade
+ Bug: mpdclient2/app doesn't accept passwords (crash)
+ Bug: mdpclient2 - lsinfo skips the first file found after dirs
+ Bug: Cannot remove multiple rows from right-click
+ Bug: Crash if user has MPD connection but no read access
+ Bug: GTK+ treeview search does not work
+ Bug: Right-Click checkbox doesnt set value on start
+ Bug: Doesn't properly retain view when browsing playlist
+ Added documentation
+ Other bugfixes, tweaks
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