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+Sonata, an elegant GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon
+This is my personal repository for Sonata containing various fixes.
+See the ``README.old`` for the official README of the project.
+All the following fixes are available in the `integration` branch.
+Currently, the following things have been changed since the Berlios's version:
+* GTK+'s StatusIcon is fully supported and should provide the same features as
+ the old eggtrayicon module.
+ eggtrayicon is still the 'preferred' way of displaying the status icon, if you
+ have it installed, I suppose this is for good reasons. If you don't have it,
+ Sonata will use the GTK+ StatusIcon and everything should be fine.
+ This is the `refactor-tray-icon` branch.
+* it fixes some UI problems if Sonata tries to reconnect to MPD in some weird
+ cases.
+ I had the problem when MPD was brutally shut down and then relaunch, but I
+ heard some users had the same problem in other cases as well, but bugs can be
+ tricky to reproduce.
+ This is the `fix-ui-connection` branch.
+* There is a whole set of patches I merged:
+ * reindentation and PEP8-fication by Francois "Paco" Ribemont and Kirill
+ "KL-7" Lashuk;
+ * some UI fixes related to artists and lyrics and album info (Yann Boulanger);
+ * Sonata only loads the latest version of each plugins;
+ * lyricwiki fixes: etter parsing and presentation (Kirill Lashuk);
+ * more items in the tray menu (Kirill Lashuk);
+ * scrobble after seeking to the beginning (Kirill Lashuk);
+ * improve handling of multi-CD albums: prevent multiple
+ entries and improve art search (Kirill Lashuk);
+ * better fullscreen support (Kirill Lashuk);
+ * fixes weird show up if Sonata is not on the current workspace (Kirill
+ Lashuk);
+* I refactored a bit how the lyricwiki plugin works to make it more readable and
+ I fixed the following issues:
+ * ``AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith'`` when
+ trying to search for lyrics;
+ * retrieving lyrics from now works again
+ This is the `fix-fetch-lyrics` branch.
+* Sonata can now by launched by a much proper script. There also a script to
+ launch *all* the unit tests of Sonata (which is zero (well, one dummy test, to
+ be sure it works)), but the infrastructure is there.
+ This is the `refactor-launcher` branch.
+Personal todo list
+Those are the things I want to work on (as far as I can remember):
+* remove Sugar support (what is the status of Sugar actually?);
+* contact the quodlibet team to externalize the mmkeys module;
+* externalisation of code:
+ * remove the scrobbler implementation and use an external, dedicated module
+ to hande protocol and add a dependency on it;
+ * remove the lyrics modules and use an external, dedicated and well tested
+ module to handle lyrics fetching, and add a dependency on it;
+ * remove the covers module and use an external, dedicated and well tested
+ module to handle covers fetching, and add a dependency on it;
+* remove eggtrayicon support (gtk.StatusIcon should be sufficient)
+* port to Python 3 and the new GIR modules
+* BIG code cleanup to simplify many things (remove useless
+ variables/attributes/methods, simplify objects communication, etc. too long to
+ list exhaustingly here I guess and quite subjective).
+* have a look at the performance/memory issues when using a "big" library:
+ Sonata is supposed to be a lightweight music player.
+Also, I should have a look there:
+* sort bugs from Debian:
+* sort bugs from Launchpad:
+* bugs/patches/feature requests from Berlios/CT
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ def rmgeneric(path, __func__):
extra_compile_args=capture("pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0 pygtk-2.0").split(),
extra_link_args=capture("pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0 pygtk-2.0").split()
- data_files=[('share/sonata', ['README', 'CHANGELOG', 'TODO', 'TRANSLATORS']),
+ data_files=[('share/sonata', ['README.old', 'CHANGELOG', 'TODO', 'TRANSLATORS']),
('share/applications', ['sonata.desktop']),
('share/pixmaps', glob.glob('sonata/pixmaps/*')),
('share/man/man1', ['sonata.1']),

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