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Upgrading to Multi-OS Engine 1.3

This guide assumes that the base project is using MOE 1.2.x.


For simplicity's sake it is recommended that if your project uses SCM then you reset all local changes. For example, for Git this can be done easily with the following command:

git reset --hard
git clean -xdf

Remove bindings for third party libraries, CocoaPods, etc. These will need to be re-generated.

Creating an Xcode Project

MOE 1.3 requires an Xcode project while it was only optional in MOE 1.2. If Xcode project generation is already disabled in your project, you can skip these steps and go to Updating build.gradle.

Go into your MOE project's build.gradle file and add the following lines:

moe {
	xcode {
		generateProject true
		xcodeProjectDirPath 'xcode'

Open Terminal and navigate to your project's directory and run:

./gradlew moeXcodeProjectGenerator

If this step fail with an error like:

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':moeXcodeProjectGenerator'.
> .../common/build/libs/common.jar (No such file or directory)

then try to build the dependent components separately, ie: ./gradlew :common:build and then running the moeXcodeProjectGenerator task.

Updating build.gradle

Update your MOE plugin's version to 1.3.+.

Remove all settings from the moe.xcode scope and add these new ones:

moe {
    xcode {
        project 'xcode/<project>.xcodeproj'
        mainTarget '<main-target-name>'
        testTarget '<test-target-name>'

Replace <...> with values specific to your project.

  • project: path to your xcodeproj file
  • mainTarget: the name of your main target in Xcode
  • testTarget: the name of your test target in Xcode, optional

Fixing the Xcode Project

  1. Open the Project in Android Studio

  2. Right click on the MOE module and select Multi-OS Engine Actions > Inject/Refresh Xcode Project Settings.

  3. Open the Xcode project

  4. Remove the following files


Fixing Resources

If you have any iOS specific resources (xcasset, xib, storyboard, etc.) under the src/main/resources directory, move them under the xcode/<project> directory and add them to Xcode.

Notes for libGDX Users

In addition to the changes above you also have to do a bit of extra customization.

Multi-OS Engine 1.3 requires libGDX 1.9.6 or later. At the time of writing, only snapshot builds are avaialble of this version.

Make sure the following lines are present in your build.gradle file. This snippet also contains <main-target-directory>.

task copyNatives << {
    configurations.natives.files.each { jar->
        def outputDir = null
        if ("natives-ios.jar")) outputDir = file("xcode/native/ios")
        if (outputDir != null) {
            FileCollection fileCollection = zipTree(jar)
            for (File libFile : fileCollection) {
                if (libFile.getAbsolutePath().endsWith(".a") &&
                    !libFile.getAbsolutePath().contains("/tvos/")) {
                    copy {
                        from libFile.getAbsolutePath()
                        into outputDir
                    LD_FLAGS += " -force_load \${SRCROOT}/native/ios/" + libFile.getName()
    def outFlags = file("xcode/<main-target-directory>/custom.xcconfig");
    outFlags.write LD_FLAGS

    def proguard = file("proguard.append.cfg")
    if (!proguard.exists()) {
        proguard = new File("proguard.append.cfg")
        proguard << "\n-keep class com.badlogic.** { *; }\n"
        proguard << "-keep enum com.badlogic.** { *; }\n"

moeMainReleaseIphoneosXcodeBuild.dependsOn copyNatives
moeMainDebugIphoneosXcodeBuild.dependsOn copyNatives
moeMainReleaseIphonesimulatorXcodeBuild.dependsOn copyNatives
moeMainDebugIphonesimulatorXcodeBuild.dependsOn copyNatives

During the build libGDX will create a custom.xcconfig in the xcode/<main-target-directory> directory. Please make sure this config is set properly in Xcode:


If you can't see custom in the dropdown menu, add the custom.xcconfig file to your Xcode project.

Also, you need to add a new value ($(LIBGDX_NATIVES)) to the OTHER_LDFLAGS build setting.


Building the Project

Before building the project, if you have a build directory, it is recommended that you delete it.