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This project is no longer maintained and has been archived.

Multiformats.Address (cs-multiaddress)

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Multiaddr implementation in C# .NET Standard 1.6 compliant.

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PM> Install-Package Multiformats.Address

dotnet add package Multiformats.Address


var ma = Multiaddress.Decode("/ip4/");
var addresses = ma.Split();
var joined = Multiaddress.Join(addresses);
var tcp = ma.Protocols.Get<TCP>();

There's some extension methods included that let's you create multiaddresses of IPEndPoints, and create IPEndPoints from multiaddresses. Some let's you create sockets directly from IP4/IP6, TCP/UDP multiaddresses.

var socket = ma.CreateSocket();
var localEndPoint = socket.GetLocalMultiaddress();
var remoteEndPoint = socket.GetRemoteMultiaddress();

Supported protocols

  • DCCP
  • DNS/4/6
  • HTTP
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • IPFS (deprecated - use P2P)
  • Onion
  • P2P
  • SCTP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • UDT
  • Unix
  • WebRTCDirect
  • WebRTCStar
  • WebSocket
  • WebSocket Secure


Captain: @tabrath.


Contributions welcome. Please check out the issues.

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