JavaScript implementation of multiaddr
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JavaScript implementation of multiaddr.

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Victor Bjelkholm

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What is multiaddr?

A standard way to represent addresses that

  • support any standard network protocol
  • are self-describing
  • have a binary packed format
  • have a nice string representation
  • encapsulate well


npm i multiaddr



const multiaddr = require('multiaddr')

Browser: Browserify, Webpack, other bundlers

The code published to npm that gets loaded on require is in fact a ES5 transpiled version with the right shims added. This means that you can require it and use with your favourite bundler without having to adjust asset management process.

const multiaddr = require('multiaddr')

Browser: <script> Tag

Loading this module through a script tag will make the Multiaddr obj available in the global namespace.

<script src=""></script>
<!-- OR -->
<script src=""></script>

NOTE: You will need access to the Node.js Buffer API. If you are running in the browser, you can access it with multiaddr.Buffer or you can install feross/buffer.


$ node

> const multiaddr = require('multiaddr')

> const addr = multiaddr("/ip4/")
<Multiaddr /ip4/>

> addr.buffer
<Buffer 04 7f 00 00 01 11 04 d2>

> addr.toString()

> addr.protos()
  {code: 4, name: 'ip4', size: 32},
  {code: 17, name: 'udp', size: 16}

// gives you an object that is friendly with what Node.js core modules expect for addresses
> addr.nodeAddress()
  family: "4",
  port: 1234,
  address: ""

> addr.encapsulate('/sctp/5678')
<Multiaddr /ip4/>



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