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xbfuse - Use FUSE To Mount (Original) Xbox and Xbox 360 DVD Filesystems

xbfuse is a program that allows you to mount the filesystem of a Microsoft Xbox or Xbox 360 DVD as a read-only part of the Linux filesystem. This allows the user to browse the directory structure and read the files within.

xbfuse is made possible with Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), available at:

Note that it is not usually possible to simply read an Xbox/360 DVD in an ordinary computer's DVD-ROM drive. The optical drives in Microsoft consoles have special firmware which allows them to access areas of the disc that are effectively invisible to most DVD-ROM drives. In order to mount a filesystem, generally, you will have to rip the proper sector image from the disc using special hardware and tools, or contact another source who has already done so.

Note also that there are likely to be bugs and perhaps even security problems. xbfuse is currently meant as primarily an experimental research tool for studying Microsoft Xbox/360 discs.


  • Linux 2.4.x or 2.6.x (as of 2.6.14 FUSE is part of the kernel, but you still need user libraries)
  • FUSE ( 2.5.x or higher
  • FUSE development libraries; 'libfuse-dev' on Ubuntu distros


After cloning this git repo, perform the standard development steps for building an autotool'd project:



make install


The basic usage is to supply an Xbox/360 DVD image and an empty mount point on the filesystem:

xbfuse <image_file> <mount_point>

To unmount a previously mounted filesystem image, use fusermount:

fusermount -u <mount_point>

To debug, or investigate how xbfuse examines the filesystem:

xbfuse <image_file> <mount_point> -d

To export the absolute file offsets via a file's stat structure's inode field, specify the "-o use_ino" option. For example:

xbfuse xbox-game.image-file /path/to/mountpoint -o use_ino
stat --printf='offset: %i\nsize: %s\n' /path/to/mountpoint/default.xbe

This stat command will print the absolute offset and size of the default.xbe file at the root of the filesystem.


This program was made possible through the information found in this XDVDFS document.


Mount Xbox and Xbox 360 disk images via FUSE





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