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Development of Core Technologies for Programmable Switch in Multi-Service Networks
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MultiP4 Project

Welcome to MultiP4 procjet homepage!

The MultiP4 project is research and developement project that aims to develop core technologies for programmable data planes to support multi-service networking. Five teams from Korea University, POSTECH and Yonsei University are leading this project with the support of Korea Institute of Information and Communications Technology (IITP) grant funded by the Korea government(MSIT).

The topics covered in this project are: (please refer to attached links for more information about each topic!)

  1. Programmable switch machine model for multi-service networking


  2. Compiler for newly designed models and P4 language extensions


  3. Programmable switch-based SFC for multi-service network architecture design


  4. INT-based network monitoring and management through interworking with SDN controller


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