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This here's the website of the Multipack.

You're very welcome to submit an issue or a pull request if you spot anything that need improving, be it content, code or comments.

This site is a gracefully-degrading responsive site. It's not prefect on every device, and we rely on the community to help. If you don't feel you can make a contribution directly in code, please submit a new issue so someone else can pick it up.

Development Tips

If you're au fait with editing php.ini, and making sure things are writable by your apache process:

  • Make sure your version of PHP supports short opening tags
  • Make sure that your php.ini file has the setting short_open_tag set to On.
  • Create a directory called _multipack/cache/, a file called _multipack/model/results and ensure they're both writable – these are within the .gitignore file to prevent cached files and temporary results ending up in source control.

If you're not sure how to do this, open up a terminal window and follow these instructions:

  • Find out where your php.ini file is – type php -i | grep php.ini and hit enter. It's usually in /etc/ or `/private/etc/'.
  • Go to the directory you found earlier - type `cd /private/etc/' and hit enter.
  • If php.ini doesn't exist (ls | grep php.ini will show you if it does) then type sudo cp php.ini.default php.ini and hit enter.
  • Using the editor of your choice (I'll assume nano) edit your new php.ini file - type sudo nano php.ini and hit enter.
  • Hit CTRL-W (where-is), type short_open_tag and hit enter. Make sure this is uncommented and set to On.
  • Hit CTRL-W again, type date.timezone and hit enter. For the purposes of the Multipack, you'll want to uncomment this and set it to Europe/London.
  • Hit CTRL-O (write-out) and hit enter to write the file to its existing location.
  • Hit CTRL-X (exit).
  • Type sudo apachectl graceful and hit enter to restart Apache.

That sorts out the short tags and timezone settings. Next, you'll want to create the cache directory and results file:

  • Use cd to move to the directory containing the website files.
  • Type mkdir _multipack/cache and hit enter.
  • Type chmod 666 _multipack/cache and hit enter.
  • Type touch _multipack/model/results and hit enter.
  • Type chmod 666 _multipack/model/results and hit enter.

Note, of course, that this method of making the directory and files writable is only suitable for a local development environment as it makes them writable by anyone. It is totally not suitable for a production environment. This is a quick and dirty method to help you get these bits writable without having to worry about what group your apache process is running under or having to use chgrp on these files.

Editing content

There's no database to worry about, so just head to _multipack/view to edit the content if you spot an error, or want to add something.

Coding style

  • Two spaces for indentation
  • Comment anything that is not immediately obvious – you shouldn't have to be a PHP/Javascript expert to make this site better
  • Use a slow, easy to understand method above an incomprehensible, fast method

Changing styles

The site is built using LESS, all found in css/less. These should be compiled minified but not compressed.

Please try to keep colours out of all .less files except colours.less, and if you are changing styles then please follow the instructions in that file.

Lanyrd integration

The site pulls all event data from Lanyrd and then caches it on the server (in _multipack/cache - although this is not in the repo). The Lanyrd library is found in _multipack/model. The code is reasonably well commented, so you should be able to make changes from that file.

The framework

The framework is based on Lowcarb, and is essentially a very lightweight version of CodeIgniter. You can follow how it loads by starting at the index.php and working through.

Configuration is kept in config.php, and supports multiple environments.

The controller is _multipack/multipack.php.

Ask @phuu if problems with Lowcarb crop up.


The website and all code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales license.

You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the code within this repository, and to make derivative works from the code & content (excluding content pulled in from third parties such as Lanyrd, Foursquare and others – check their licenses) according to the following conditions:

  • You must attribute the work by providing a link to this repository.
  • You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  • If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under a license identical to this one.
  • You must not suggest that The Multipack endorses you or your use of the work.

Please see the Creative Commons license page for further information.