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@matttbe matttbe released this Mar 14, 2019 · 82959 commits to mptcp_v0.94 since this release

Hello everybody,

The Multipath TCP Kernel v0.93.4 has been released, containing important bug-fixes. This release is based on Linux v4.9.162 and maintained by Tessares.

If you are still using the version v0.93.4, you should update to this kernel.

Multipath TCP Linux Kernel v0.93.4

Benjamin Hesmans (1):
[0b991f7] mptcp: checksum corner case

Christoph Paasch (16):
[1910d6e] mptcp: Trigger sending when new subflow gets established
[1c8e9eb] mptcp: Don't allow TCP_REPAIR on MPTCP-sockets
[15c4f19] mptcp: Rework mptcp_disconnect
[4188ab4] mptcp: Initialize IPv6-fields even more correctly
[1f5e23a] mptcp: Fully disable MD5SIG
[165f20b] mptcp: Reset icsk_bind_hash to NULL to avoid use-after-free in inet_put_port
[191933f] mptcp: Initialize meta_tp after potentially failing instructions
[af2c72f] mptcp: Don't free mpcb when mptcp_alloc_mpcb succeeded
[165a14d] mptcp: Prevent circular locking dependency on tcp_close()
[635fbee] mptcp: Ensure proper free'ing of master_sk upon failure
[beb68e8] mptcp: Handle error-case for MPTCP-Fastopen
[ab91c92] mptcp: Unify usage of rcu_read_lock_bh,...
[d8fb3a7] mptcp: Fix error-cases in TCP_SYNCOOKIES path
[ef58747] mptcp: Trigger meta-retransmission always when the timer fired
[e44cd9b] mptcp: Don't update meta-RTO from subflows that are retransmitting
[6f6b05e] mptcp: Reevalute and reschedule meta-level RTO for new subflows

Matthieu Baerts (3):
[d3d684d] mptcp: Build-Fix with CONFIG_MEMCG
[132e20a] Merge tag 'v4.9.162' into mptcp_v0.93
[96f209f] mptcp: Stable Release v0.93.4

How to install

(if you have our bintray repositories setup)

On Debian-based systems

  apt-get update
  apt-get install linux-mptcp-4.9
  apt-get dist-upgrade

On RPM-based systems

  dnf clean all
  # (you may need to remove the old kernel)
  dnf install kernel-4.9.162.mptcp


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