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@cpaasch cpaasch released this Mar 13, 2019 · 512 commits to mptcp_v0.94 since this release


Benjamin Hesmans (1):
[3f01458] mptcp: checksum corner case

Christoph Paasch (21):
[287af08] mptcp: Trigger sending when new subflow gets established
[a284ba1] mptcp: Reinject data when the write-queue gets purged
[9ac97e3] mptcp: Build-Fix for mptcp_push_pending_frames
[68e3b3c] mptcp: Don't allow TCP_REPAIR on MPTCP-sockets
[6d58ca8] mptcp: Rework mptcp_disconnect
[1b142d9] mptcp: Initialize IPv6-fields even more correctly
[247a77e] mptcp: Fully disable MD5SIG
[97543fe] mptcp: Reset icsk_bind_hash to NULL to avoid use-after-free in inet_put_port
[d307e46] mptcp: Initialize meta_tp after potentially failing instructions
[da42a64] mptcp: Don't free mpcb when mptcp_alloc_mpcb succeeded
[71b3bf9] mptcp: Prevent circular locking dependency on tcp_close()
[444bf8c] mptcp: Ensure proper free'ing of master_sk upon failure
[15afe58] mptcp: Handle error-case for MPTCP-Fastopen
[73db90d] mptcp: Unify usage of rcu_read_lock_bh,...
[f266d12] mptcp: Fix error-cases in TCP_SYNCOOKIES path
[8724274] mptcp: Support randomized Timestamps on SYN-Cookies
[c3e29b9] mptcp: Do not lock in tcp_get_info for MPTCP_INFO
[1bc2ada] mptcp: Trigger meta-retransmission always when the timer fired
[a947ef4] mptcp: Don't update meta-RTO from subflows that are retransmitting
[619d44c] mptcp: Reevalute and reschedule meta-level RTO for new subflows
[310b683] mptcp: Stable Release v0.94.3

Matthieu Baerts (1):
[34154a9] mptcp: Build-Fix with CONFIG_MEMCG

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