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The following repository contains files to the Bayesian Causal Inference Toolbox.
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BCIM ToolBox
Sample Data


The following toolbox is intended to be used to give users an intuitive format to understand the bayesian inference model of multisensory perception. The toolbox includes two major functions: simulations of the model, and a model fitting component that allows user input.

To begin, launch "bcimGUI.m" contained in the "BCIM ToolBox" folder to initiate the "main menu" GUI that allows you to select the various components of the toolbox. To understand the mechanics of these components, please consult the documentation pdf stored under the "Documentation" folder.

To being using the model fitting component, use the sample synthetic dataset "2.mat," which was used to run the validation that you will see in the documentation. Additionally, there are scripts provided to generate synthetic data: "create_data.m," as well as to format your own behavioral data in a way that the model can run: "format_dataset.m"

If you experience any technical difficulties, or find something unclear within the documentation please direct correspondance to:

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