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Fix crash in CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon

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botder committed Jun 23, 2019
1 parent 1f611e8 commit 627b39d9d40bdcfce139abec97a800a855cd7cc6
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 Client/mods/deathmatch/logic/CClientPed.cpp
@@ -5973,7 +5973,10 @@ bool CClientPed::ReloadWeapon()

bool CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon()
return GetWeapon()->GetState() == WEAPONSTATE_RELOADING;
if (CWeapon* weapon = GetWeapon(); weapon != nullptr)
return weapon->GetState() == WEAPONSTATE_RELOADING;
return false;

bool CClientPed::ShouldBeStealthAiming()

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replied Jun 25, 2019

When was this crash introduced?


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replied Jun 25, 2019

When was this crash introduced?

It has probably always been there (due to lacking a null check where other related functions have one), waiting to be invoked by a certain (dodgy) script.

Link to a case:

The stack was:

0028edd8 6ca54554 90e4579a 0ef1bef0 22de0048 client!CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon+0x3d
0028eec4 6cace468 0ef1bef0 0ef1bef0 2f231d88 client!CLuaPedDefs::IsPedReloadingWeapon+0x184
0028eedc 6cae10b5 0ef1bef0 00000110 00000001 client!luaD_precall+0x278
0028efec 6cacdeec 0ef1bef0 00000001 0ef1bef0 client!luaV_execute+0xff5
0028f000 6cac5a33 0ef1bef0 2f231d28 ffffffff client!luaD_call+0x4c
0028f014 6cace622 0ef1bef0 0028f0d4 00000000 client!f_call+0x13
0028f080 6cace07a 0ef1bef0 6cac5a20 0028f0d4 client!luaD_rawrunprotected+0x52
0028f0ac 6cac6580 01f1bef0 6cac5a20 0028f0d4 client!luaD_pcall+0x3a
0028f0dc 6c9ee31f 0ef1bef0 00000005 ffffffff client!lua_pcall+0xa0
0028f108 6c9c9b16 0ef1bef0 00000005 ffffffff client!CLuaMain::PCall+0x5f
0028f170 6c980178 238aed08 3300adbc 00000000 client!CLuaArguments::Call+0xe6
0028f184 6c980e8e 0028f424 90e44a3a 6403d358 client!CMapEvent::Call+0x18
0028f364 6c911034 6403d358 0028f424 0eecfc80 client!CMapEventManager::Call+0x45e
0028f3bc 6c9985d5 6403d358 0028f424 00000001 client!CClientEntity::CallEvent+0x84
0028f8ac 6c923f41 00000051 0028f924 0028f8e0 client!CPacketHandler::ProcessPacket+0xdf5
0028f8bc 6e99629f 00000051 0028f924 062b8370 client!CClientGame::StaticProcessPacket+0x51
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
0028f8e0 6e995255 00000051 0028f924 942bd42a netc+0x2629f
0028f9a4 6c91b5b2 0b88d420 0b88d330 0b88d301 netc+0x25255
0028f9b8 6c91bb80 00000001 90e4424e 0b88d330 client!CClientGame::DoPulses2+0x82
0028fb10 6c91b253 90e442d6 01b0cdd8 01bbca80 client!CClientGame::DoPulses+0x500
0028fb88 707e72a3 01b0cdd8 051a6fe0 707a4954 client!CClientGame::DoPulsePostFrame+0x5c3
0028fb94 707a4954 9b0589ef 00000001 051a6fe0 core!CModManager::DoPulsePostFrame+0x53
0028fc84 7083b00a 9b0589a3 06d4a118 00000000 core!CCore::DoPostFramePulse+0x774
0028fcc8 708419b0 051a6fe0 04999018 007f99b0 core!CDirect3DEvents9::OnPresent+0x16a
0028fd2c 007f9b12 06d4a118 00000000 00000000 core!CProxyDirect3DDevice9::Present+0x30
0028fd44 04999018 007f99b0 00000000 007fb1c3 gta_sa+0x3f9b12
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x4999018

After further investigation it seemed like this:

it's crashing because of the null pointer m_pPlayerPed - CClientPed::IsReloadingWeapon() doesn't check if GetWeapon() returns NULL

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