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Merge PR #3383: UserModel: show muted/deafened state icon only in the…

… right hand column
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davidebeatrici committed Mar 26, 2018
2 parents 1971dd0 + 0c2a023 commit 109ddd4d8c32a651b4a0c3ea6b6943c9b96b0b1b
Showing with 14 additions and 23 deletions.
  1. +14 −23 src/mumble/UserModel.cpp
@@ -334,6 +334,7 @@ QVariant UserModel::data(const QModelIndex &idx, int role) const {

Channel *c = item->cChan;
ClientUser *p = item->pUser;
ClientUser *pSelf = ClientUser::get(g.uiSession);

if (!c && !p) {
return QVariant();
@@ -349,23 +350,6 @@ QVariant UserModel::data(const QModelIndex &idx, int role) const {
switch (role) {
case Qt::DecorationRole:
if (idx.column() == 0) {
ClientUser *pSelf = ClientUser::get(g.uiSession);
if (p == pSelf) {
if (g.s.bDeaf) {
return qiDeafenedSelf;
} else if (p->bDeaf) {
return qiDeafenedServer;
} else if (g.s.bMute) {
return qiMutedSelf;
} else if (p->bMute) {
return qiMutedServer;
} else if (p->bSuppress) {
return qiMutedSuppressed;
} else if (g.bPushToMute) {
return qiMutedPushToMute;

switch (p->tsState) {
case Settings::Talking:
return qiTalkingOn;
@@ -399,6 +383,11 @@ QVariant UserModel::data(const QModelIndex &idx, int role) const {
l << qiPrioritySpeaker;
if (p->bRecording)
l << qiRecording;
// ClientUser doesn't contain a push-to-mute
// state because it isn't sent to the server.
// We can show the icon only for the local user.
if (p == pSelf && g.bPushToMute)
l << qiMutedPushToMute;
if (p->bMute)
l << qiMutedServer;
if (p->bSuppress)
@@ -617,18 +606,20 @@ QVariant UserModel::otherRoles(const QModelIndex &idx, int role) const {
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:muted_server.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%5</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:muted_suppressed.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%6</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:muted_local.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%7</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:deafened_self.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%8</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:deafened_server.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%9</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:comment.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%10</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:comment_seen.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%11</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:status/text-missing.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%12</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:muted_pushtomute.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%8</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:deafened_self.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%9</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:deafened_server.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%10</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:comment.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%11</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:comment_seen.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%12</td></tr>"
"<tr><td><img src=\"skin:status/text-missing.svg\" height=64 /></td><td valign=\"middle\">%13</td></tr>"
"</table>").arg(tr("This shows the flags the user has on the server, if any:"),
tr("On your friend list"),
tr("Authenticated user"),
tr("Muted (manually muted by self)"),
tr("Muted (manually muted by admin)"),
tr("Muted (not allowed to speak in current channel)"),
tr("Muted (muted by you, only on your machine)")
tr("Muted (muted by you, only on your machine)"),
tr("Muted (push-to-mute)")
tr("Deafened (by self)"),
tr("Deafened (by admin)"),

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