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Merge PR #2749: python.pri: detect missing 'which' command and try to…

… recover.
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mkrautz committed Jan 22, 2017
2 parents 63661c0 + 0c14aae commit 12b9c9b9845058f0f6caf7ac603b1d82d67c41cb
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  1. +14 −0 python.pri
@@ -36,6 +36,20 @@ win32 {
} else {
# If the MUMBLE_PYTHON environment variable wasn't set,
# determine if the 'which' tool is available. We need it
# to determine which python binary on the system to use.
# If 'which' isn't available, error out.
isEmpty(PYTHON) {
# Calling 'which which' is intentional.
# If which is available, it will print the path to it.
# If it isn't available, it will not print anything.
WHICH=$$system(which which 2>/dev/null)
isEmpty(WHICH) {
message("The 'which' command is not available on the system. Unble to search for Python installations. Assuming 'python'... If this is not correct, please point the MUMBLE_PYTHON environment variable at a working Python 2 or Python 3 binary.")
isEmpty(PYTHON) {
PYTHON=$$system(which python 2>/dev/null)

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