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XInputCheck: add documentation for XInputCheck_IsGuidProductXInputDev…

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mkrautz committed Mar 3, 2016
1 parent 0f80533 commit 25b88a7444915c539248e811dd617b48b7c2ef23
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  1. +19 −0 3rdparty/xinputcheck-src/xinputcheck.h
@@ -24,11 +24,30 @@

#include <windows.h>

/// XInputCheck_IsGuidProductXInputDevice checks whether the DirectInput
/// guidProduct given in GuidProductFromDirectInput is a valid XInput device.
/// This function holds an internal cache of the system's device tree. This
/// cache can be cleared by calling the XInputCheck_ClearDeviceCache function.
/// The function does not ever clear this cache itself, so it is important to
/// to call XInputCheck_ClearDeviceCache when new hardware has been added to
/// the system.
/// This function is not thread safe.
/// @param pGuidProductFromDirectInput The DirectInput guidProduct to check.
/// This parameter must not be NULL.
/// @return Returns true if the given device is an XInput device. Returns
/// false if it is not.
/// @see XInputCheck_ClearDeviceCache
bool XInputCheck_IsGuidProductXInputDevice(const GUID *pGuidProductFromDirectInput);

/// XInputCheck_ClearDeviceCache clears XInputCheck's internal device cache.
/// Calling this function causes the next call to
/// XInputCheck_IsGuidProductXInputDevice to query the system's device tree.
/// This function is not thread safe.
void XInputCheck_ClearDeviceCache();


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