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Fix translatability of 'Cycle transmit mode' GlobalShortcut log messa…


This also changes the log message to be equivalent to the one used
by the transmit-switcher toolbar item.

This makes the strings more consistent. This should make both users
and translators happy.
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mkrautz committed Mar 22, 2015
1 parent f05e657 commit 3223c8aae433ad483022b366a7517d286c794850
Showing with 3 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −5 src/mumble/MainWindow.cpp
@@ -2454,19 +2454,17 @@ void MainWindow::on_gsCycleTransmitMode_triggered(bool down, QVariant scdata)
case Settings::Continous:
g.s.atTransmit = Settings::VAD;
qsNewMode = QString::fromLatin1("Voice Activity");
g.l->log(Log::Information, tr("Transmit Mode set to Voice Activity"));
case Settings::VAD:
g.s.atTransmit = Settings::PushToTalk;
qsNewMode = QString::fromLatin1("Push To Talk");
g.l->log(Log::Information, tr("Transmit Mode set to Push-to-Talk"));
case Settings::PushToTalk:
g.s.atTransmit = Settings::Continous;
qsNewMode = QString::fromLatin1("Continuous");
g.l->log(Log::Information, tr("Transmit Mode set to Continous"));

g.l->log(Log::Information, tr("Cycled Transmit Mode to %1").arg(qsNewMode));


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