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Fixed leaving channel message not being sent when leaving the server

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frmimue authored and hacst committed Sep 12, 2013
1 parent e26020e commit 5b3a406f36c17888cc75fb57dd831161fa5908cb
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  1. +2 −0 src/mumble/Messages.cpp
@@ -519,6 +519,8 @@ void MainWindow::msgUserRemove(const MumbleProto::UserRemove &msg) {
g.l->log((pSrc == pSelf) ? Log::YouKicked : Log::UserKicked, tr("%3 was kicked from the server by %1: %2.").arg(Log::formatClientUser(pSrc, Log::Source)).arg(reason).arg(Log::formatClientUser(pDst, Log::Target)));
} else {
if(pDst->cChannel == pSelf->cChannel)
g.l->log(Log::ChannelLeave, tr("%1 left channel.").arg(Log::formatClientUser(pDst, Log::Source)));
g.l->log(Log::UserLeave, tr("%1 disconnected.").arg(Log::formatClientUser(pDst, Log::Source)));
if (pDst != pSelf)

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commented on 5b3a406 Sep 21, 2013

This honestly seems very redundant and pointless. It reads off two messages when someone disconnects. Really don't need that, it was fine before.

[4:10:50 PM] Username left channel.
[4:10:50 PM] Username disconnected.

It works and sounds so much better to simply hear a single disconnect.

[4:10:50 PM] Username disconnected.

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