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Merge PR #2298: man/murmurd.1: add paragraph about what disabling Sup…

…erUser means.
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mkrautz committed May 22, 2016
2 parents aaf3666 + e067c4d commit 708ace45fde62482aad2ab753c04b0a3b5ba6de0
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@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@ representing the virtual server to set the password for.
.B \-disablesu\fR\ [\fIserverid\fR]
Disables the SuperUser account. Optionally takes a \fIserverid\fR representing
the virtual server to disable the SuperUser account on.

Disabling the SuperUser account makes it impossible to log in as SuperUser
until a new password is set. You can set a new SuperUser password with the
\-supw parameter.
.B \-limits
Tests and shows how many file descriptors and threads can be created. The

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