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Update OS X murmur docs

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@@ -50,20 +50,11 @@ murmurd [-supw <password>] [-ini <inifile>] [-fg] [v]
Running Murmur on Mac OS X

On Mac OS X, Murmur is available inside your Mumble application bundle. If you
copied the Mumble program into your Applications directory, you should be able
to run it by executing:
Murmur is distributed seperately from the Mumble client on Mac OS X.
It is called Static OS X Server and can be downloaded from the main webpage.

/Applications/ -v -fg

in a Terminal. For more information, please see the 'Running Murmur on Unix-
like sytems' above.

To easily override the default Murmur configuration, a murmur.ini file can be placed in
your user's 'Library/Preferences/Mumble/' directory.

Example configuration files and other scripts can be found inside the Murmur
directory of the Mumble installation disk image.
Once downloaded it can be run in the same way as on any other Unix-like system.
For more information please see the 'Running Murmur on Unix-like systems' above.

Running Murmur on Win32

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