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Merge PR #3050: man: update murmurd.1 to mention SIGHUP and SIGUSR1.

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mkrautz committed Apr 26, 2017
2 parents 248859c + 6749835 commit 948331ee842ff7ae272cf32dd55722b82e15e47b
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@@ -69,6 +69,21 @@ Remove all log entries from database.
.B \-version, \-\-version
Show version information.
Perform a log rotation.
This causes murmurd to re-open its log file.
Gracefully reload the TLS settings specified in murmur.ini without interrupting service.

When this signal is received, Murmur will apply the new TLS settings (certificate,
private key, and Diffie-Hellman parameters) to all virtual servers that use the TLS settings
from murmur.ini.

Virtual servers that have overridden the settings from murmur.ini will not
be affected by this signal. Those servers can be updated using the updateCertificate RPC call.
.BR mumble (1),
.BR murmur\-user\-wrapper (1).

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