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Mumble - A voicechat utility for gamers

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> *#mumble on freenode*
Mumble is a voicechat program for gamers written on top of Qt and Speex.

There are two modules in Mumble; the client (mumble) and the server
(murmur). The client works on Win32/64, Linux and Mac OS X, while the
server should work on anything Qt can be installed on.

Note that when we say Win32, we mean Windows XP or newer.

## Running Mumble

On Windows, after installation, you should have a new Mumble folder in your
Start Menu, from which you can start Mumble.

On Mac OS X, to install Mumble, drag the application from the downloaded
disk image into your `/Applications` folder.

Once Mumble is launched, you need a server to connect to. Either create your
own or join a friend's.

## Running Murmur on Unix-like systems

Murmur should be run from the command line, so start a shell (command prompt)
and go to wherever you installed Mumble. Run murmur as

murmurd [-supw <password>] [-ini <inifile>] [-fg] [v]
-supw Set new password for the user SuperUser, which is hardcoded to
bypass ACLs. Keep this password safe. Until you set a password,
the SuperUser is disabled. If you use this option, murmur will
set the password in the database and then exit.
-ini Use a inifile other than murmur.ini, use this to run several instances
of murmur from the same directory. Make sure each instance is using
a separate database.
-fg Run in the foreground, logging to standard output.
-v More verbose logging.

## Running Murmur on Mac OS X

Murmur is distributed seperately from the Mumble client on Mac OS X.
It is called Static OS X Server and can be downloaded from the main webpage.

Once downloaded it can be run in the same way as on any other Unix-like system.
For more information please see the 'Running Murmur on Unix-like systems' above.

## Running Murmur on Win32

Doubleclick the Murmur icon to start murmur. There will be a small icon on your
taskbar from which you can view the log.

To set the superuser password, run murmur with the parameters `-supw <password>`.

## Bandwidth usage

Mumble will use 10-40 kbit/s outgoing, and the same incoming for each user.
So if there are 10 other users on the server with you, your incoming
bandwidth requirement will be 100-400 kbit/s if they all talk at the same time.

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