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Overlay: Add myPresentEx function

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Kissaki committed Jun 16, 2013
1 parent 3865e8c commit dfc863841d59a3a8b142ac6ba554bffe9b9ca38c
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  1. +14 −0 overlay/d3d9.cpp
@@ -392,6 +392,20 @@ static HRESULT __stdcall myPresent(IDirect3DDevice9 * idd, CONST RECT* pSourceRe
return hr;

typedef HRESULT(__stdcall *PresentExType)(IDirect3DDevice9Ex *, CONST RECT *, CONST RECT *, HWND, CONST RGNDATA *, DWORD);
static HRESULT __stdcall myPresentEx(IDirect3DDevice9Ex * idd, CONST RECT* pSourceRect, CONST RECT* pDestRect, HWND hDestWindowOverride, CONST RGNDATA* pDirtyRegion, DWORD dwFlags) {
ods("D3D9: Device Present Ex");


PresentExType oPresentEx = (PresentExType);

HRESULT hr = oPresentEx(idd, pSourceRect, pDestRect, hDestWindowOverride, pDirtyRegion, dwFlags);
return hr;

typedef HRESULT(__stdcall *ResetType)(IDirect3DDevice9 *, D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS *);
static HRESULT __stdcall myReset(IDirect3DDevice9 * idd, D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS *param) {
ods("D3D9: Chaining Reset");

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