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L4D2 PA plugin update to game version (#1184)

By Ophidiophobia.
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hacst committed Mar 13, 2014
1 parent 487fcab commit f2bfe2f78b2fcdaa8d587e5a8ac67105b68738a8
Showing with 20 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +20 −6 plugins/l4d2/l4d2.cpp
@@ -73,11 +73,25 @@ static int trylock(const std::multimap<std::wstring, unsigned long long int> &pi

if (! initialize(pids, L"left4dead2.exe", L"client.dll"))
return false;
Some hints to make things easier next time valve updates this game:
use Cheat Engine (non-network single player or non VAC-secured servers to be safe)
type is Float
use unknown initial value
use value unchanged/ value changed
speed things up by limiting the scan range to 40000000 to 90000000 (hex number)
you need addresses relative to client.dll. You can get address by double clicking on the address.
pos: float likely in a range of 0 to 10000 (changes if you move. constant if you view around)
rot: float in range of -180 to 180. If you look up the value is -89.0 . If you look down it is 89.0 (changes if you viewaround. constant if you only move)
state: single player: search for loopback. Go back to menu. There is likely only one instance which has the string when having a game running and empty when not running a game.
context: same as state appearantly
posptr = pModule + 0x856FE8;
rotptr = pModule + 0x856FF4;
stateptr = pModule + 0x831A24;
contextptr = pModule + 0x831A24;
posptr = pModule + 0x818950;
rotptr = pModule + 0x7D0D18;
stateptr = pModule + 0x8169BC;
contextptr = pModule + 0x8169BC;

float pos[3];
float rot[3];
@@ -151,10 +165,10 @@ static int fetch(float *avatar_pos, float *avatar_front, float *avatar_top, floa

static const std::wstring longdesc() {
return std::wstring(L"Supports L4D2 build 5338 with context support. No identity support yet.");
return std::wstring(L"Supports L4D2 version with context support. No identity support yet.");

static std::wstring description(L"Left 4 Dead 2 (Build 5338)");
static std::wstring description(L"Left 4 Dead 2 (version");
static std::wstring shortname(L"Left 4 Dead 2");

static int trylock1() {

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