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Mumble recording error #1019

mumble-voip opened this Issue Jul 24, 2013 · 4 comments

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When I try and record, it starts but as soon as I speak on continuous or voice activated mode or hit push to talk, it stops and comes up with error: Recorder failed to open file '%s". My push to talk button is shift but this error affects other keys tested too. What's going on?

This ticket has been migrated from sourceforge. It is thus missing some details like original creator etc.
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What operating system are you using? What format are you trying to record too and target location?

It may be having trouble finding the target file for the recording to send to as it is meeting the conditions of this statement.

if (ri->sf == NULL) {
qWarning() << "Failed to open file for recorder: "<< sf_strerror(NULL);
bRecording = false;
emit error(CreateFileFailed, tr("Recorder failed to open file '%s'").arg(filename));
emit recording_stopped();

Below there is some more info about recording

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hacst commented Oct 23, 2013
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hacst commented Oct 23, 2013

Hi. What Koby said is most likely true. Make sure your filename and target directory template strings are ok (e.g. there's a %user in there when recording multichannel). The blog entry linked above explains what that's all about.

That the error message doesn't actually state the filename but says %s was a bug I just fixed. It doesn't affect functionality though.

If the issues persist please post your target directory and filename string.

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hacst commented Nov 7, 2013

Assuming this issues is resolved -> Closed.

@hacst hacst closed this Nov 7, 2013
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