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Unable to launch Mumble 1.2.3a at all #974

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Whenever I try to launch Mumble, I get a window that says that mumble has crashed and that I need to send mumble a crash report, I have tried to re-install it and all but nothing works. please help!!!!

This ticket has been migrated from sourceforge. It is thus missing some details like original creator etc.
The original is at .

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I'm experiencing the exact same error with 1.2.3 and 1.2.4-beta1. Some random 0x######## errors pop up at shutdown, but I can't jot them down before they disappear.


Make sure to exit/shut down any unnecessary programs and see if that helps.
If not, try cleaning and reinstalling any drivers you may have (as a crashing cause should be rather low-level).
Maybe you can check the windows system logs for an error message?
And better yet, get DbgView from SysInternals from Microsofts page and tell us how far it loggs!


On shutdown?
So it is totally different from this tickets description?


No, Kissaki, The error occurs when I launch Mumble (crash report). I was getting some random 0x######### error on Windows shutdown, but the screen disappears too quickly to jot it down (as someone else mentioned).

It is impossible to know what the error truly is (and thus if it is the same error) because there doesn't appear to be any way to view the crash report before sending it.


There shouldn’t be anything running still at windows shutdown if Mumble crashed earlier already.
Where/how do you get the error at shutdown? Is that a windows dialog? Before or after logging off (differentiate between windows logging off and windows shutting down). Or is it a console error after windows shutdown, right before power turns off?

If it's when logging off, please check if mumble.exe is still running in the process list (task manager processes, all users).

There is no error displayed when you shut down, do the other stuff the same, but do not launch Mumble?


I have this issue too - ran a Dbgview and this is what it says...

[3584] M:HardHook: Asked to replace 7524ED12 with 00C0A4C0
[3584] M:HardHook: Unknown opcode at 0: b8 14 10 0 0 b9 0 0 0 0 8d 54
[3584] M:HardHook: Asked to replace 7524F170 with 00C0A470
[3584] DirectSound: Disabled as WASAPI is available
[3584] ASIO: No valid devices found, disabling
[3600] Args: /detect
[3600] Detect mode!
[3600] Unable to connect to Logitech LCD manager. (Error: 2)
[3584] G15LCDEngine_lglcd: Logitech LCD Manager not detected.
[3584] CELT bitstream 8000000b from C:/Program Files (x86)/Mumble/celt0.0.7.0.sse2.dll
[3584] CELT bitstream 80000010 from C:/Program Files (x86)/Mumble/celt0.0.11.0.sse2.dll
[3584] Locale is "en_GB" (System: "en_GB")
[3584] Database SQLite: ""


Any update on this - have you guys with this issue been able to resolve it any way? Still not working here.


I have no idea how I would be able to reproduce this or what would cause this. So no “progress” towards a resolution has been made.

Is this still an issue with 1.2.4?
Crashes indicate faulty drivers.
I guess the only option would be to

  • check the crash reports
  • run debug with some debugger attached
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