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@davidebeatrici davidebeatrici released this 10 Feb 07:40


Fixed: Don't use outdated (non-existent) notification icon names on Linux (#4705)
Fixed: Security vulnerability caused by allowing non http/https URL schemes in public server list (#4733)


Fixed: Exit status for actions like --version or --supw was always set to non-zero ( #3998)


Fixed: Packet loss & audio artifacts caused by OCB2 XEX* mitigation (#4720)

Known issues

  • Overlay blocked by BattleEye. A request to whitelist it has been made.
  • Overlay blocked by CS:GO Trusted Mode.
  • Autoscroll of chat window not working properly on Linux (#4638, #2504)
  • Certain special characters are not rendered on Windows (#4939)


  • The static server binary for Linux is using an outdated version of OpenSSL - see #4001 for details. This warning only applies to the package released by us named murmur-static_x86. It does not apply to our Ubuntu PPA releases or other maintained packages.