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Simple writer for Office 2007 Excel files

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** Description **

  This is a simple no fuss generator for OpenXML aka XLSX files. No
  formatting, styles just raw content with a few basic datatypes
  supported. Produced output is tested to be compatible with

    - Open Office 3.2 series (Linux, Mac, Windows)
    - Neo Office 3.2 series (Mac)
    - Microsoft Office 2007 (Windows)
    - Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows)
    - Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (versions 12.2.5 or above)
    - Microsoft Excel Viewer (Windows)
  Numbers of iWork '09 does not appear to support the inline string
  storage model prefered by this gem. Apple may release a fix for this
  eventually, I have avoided the more common shared string table
  method as it cannot be implemented in linear time.

** Sample **

  serializer ="test.xlsx") do |doc|
    doc.add_sheet("People") do |sheet|
      sheet.add_row(%w{DoB Name Occupation})
      sheet.add_row([Date.parse("July 31, 1912"), 
                     "Milton Friedman", 
                     "Economist / Statistician"])
  file_with_data = serializer.zipfile


** License **

  See attached LICENSE for details.

** Credits **

  Written by Dee Zsombor:
  Funded by Harvest:
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