Modified soap4r library to run on Ruby 1.9
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This is a fork of the soap4r project as imported to GitHub by spox. Changes have been made to fix libxml support and have it work in Ruby 1.9. Still work todo in testing.

    This has been heavily modified and I am still in
    the process of testing it. I have been using the
    wsdlDriver with great success. This version includes
    my original patch, plus many other changes but I
    have not tested the gem this produces yet. That
    should be completed some time tomorrow.

This is a modified version of the soap4r library for
the Ruby programming language. The official verion
can be found at:

This modified version simply allows soap4r to run on
Ruby 1.9. I have not done any extensive testing, merely
fixed things that I needed to work. If you find problems,
please drop me a line and I'll do an update to fix it.